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Embrace Your Miracle With Legal Surrogacy in Ukraine

Parenthood is beautiful, but for some couples, it becomes a distant dream. Due to various medical complications, pregnancy and becoming parents becomes difficult for a few families.

But now, you can turn the tables and receive a blessing of a lifetime by opting for medical tourism in Ukraine. With legal and affordable surrogacy programs in Ukraine, parenthood is a step closer.

Choosing Ukraine for Surrogacy

Surrogacy in Ukraine is growing popular at a faster rate among American couples. Factors leading to this rise are-[1]Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues Ethical and Legal Aspects of Surrogacy in Ukraine and the World “Ukrainian legislation on health care of 19.11.1992 states that the use of in vitro fertilization, embryo implantation is carried out according to the health conditions of an adult woman who undergoes the procedure, provided there is a written consent of the couple, ensuring anonymity of the donor and medical confidentiality (Article 48). In addition, the Family Code of Ukraine provides for the principle of determining the origin of a child born in the result of assisted reproductive technology act (Article 123).” View in Article

  • Favorable legal system
  • Availability of clinics and surrogacy hospitals
  • Affordable surrogacy programs
  • Gestational surrogacy programs allowing the couples to have genetic ties with the baby

Cost of Surrogacy in Ukraine

Ukraine is growing as a popular destination for affordable surrogacy programs among foreign couples.[2] Ukraine’s ‘baby factories’: The human cost of surrogacy “Ukraine has become an increasingly popular destination for foreign couples seeking affordable surrogacy services since they became legal in 2002. The average package costs around $30,000, compared with prices between $80,00 and $120,000 in the United States.” View in Article

Because US residents can save up to 63% and Canadian residents up to 50% for surrogacy in Ukraine.

The Average cost of Surrogacy Price Range
In Ukraine for Foreign Couples $30,000- $45,000
In Ukraine for Locals $10,000- $15,000
US $80,000- $1,20,000
Canada $58,000- $90, 000

As seen in the above table, the average cost of surrogacy in Ukraine starts at about $30,000. Whereas the same may range between $80,000 to $1,20,000 in the US. Thus, couples choose Ukraine for cheaper fertility tourism.

How Does Surrogacy Work in Ukraine?

Curious About the Legalities of Surrogacy in Ukraine?

Ukraine is on a constant endeavor as a country to offer legal surrogacy services at affordable prices. So, for thousands of families in the world who find surrogacy as the last hope of childbirth, Ukraine may be an answer.

Compared with other European countries, Ukraine has strict surrogacy laws in favor of the intended parents.[3]NCBI Resources Surrogacy and “Procreative Tourism.” What Does the Future Hold from the Ethical and Legal Perspectives? “Surrogacy is officially regulated by Clause 123 of the Family Code of Ukraine and the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine “On approval of the application of assisted reproductive technologies in Ukraine” from 9 September 2013.” View in Article

Legal Advantages to the Intended Parents in Ukrainian Surrogacy Programmes

Intended parents do not face any hassle with the validity of the surrogacy agreement. Neither do they suffer any custodial claim in Ukraine because the child belongs to the intended parents from the moment of conception. So, as per the Ukrainian legislature, the surrogate mother cannot keep the child after birth.[4]Dominus law Firm Surrogacy in Ukraine: practical issues and legal risks “It is true that under Ukrainian legislation, the surrogate mother who voluntarily agreed to participate in a surrogacy program has no whatsoever rights for the baby she carried and delivered.” View in Article

Additionally, intended parents also need not look into any court orders. Moreover, the authorities issue the birth certificate to the intended parents irrespective of their genetic ties with the child. The law does not allow the surrogate mother to claim parental rights over the child.

Legal Agreements Surrounding Surrogacy

  • According to article 123, intended couples may choose from gestational surrogacy, egg/sperm donation, special embryo adoption programs, or a combination of both.
  • Only affiliated clinics can carry out the process of artificial insemination.
  • Just experts can do artificial insemination with the methods approved by the Ministry of Healthcare.
  • Ukrainian Surrogacy programs do not need any legal permission from a regulatory body.
  • Clinics must provide the checklist of all the information to the intended parents.
  • The checklist should have the procedure details, results of the medical examination, medical and legal aspects of the consequences, etc.
  • Written informed consent of those participating in the surrogacy program is mandatory.

Is Surrogacy Safe in Ukraine?

Ukraine follows a liberal approach towards commercial surrogacy. So, surrogacy is a safe procedure in Ukraine. Roache reports estimating a 20% rise in surrogacy every year in Ukraine.

This rise is due to many affiliated clinics offering tailored surrogacy programs. So, when you are deciding to choose Ukraine for surrogacy, you can be sure. Because thousands of parents have taken this decision before.[5]Journal of International Business and Law Selling a Miracle? Surrogacy Through International Borders: Exploration of Ukrainian Surrogacy “Ukraine, unlike other jurisdictions worldwide that prohibit surrogacy, has one of the most. “liberal approaches toward surrogacy.” View in Article

Citizenship by Birth in Surrogacy

Ukrainian law cuts legal ties between the surrogate mother and the baby. Thus, intended parents have parental rights. Hence, a child born by surrogacy in Ukraine acquires the citizenship of the intended parents.[6] LAW OF UKRAINE ON THE CITIZENSHIP OF UKRAINE “A person born on the territory of Ukraine to stateless persons who have lawful grounds to reside on the territory of Ukraine shall be deemed a citizen of Ukraine.” View in Article

Intended parents from foreign lands may enter or exit Ukraine on the state frontier with a valid national passport and visa.

Other nationals from states that have concluded international agreements with Ukraine on visa-free traveling may enter or exit Ukraine only with a valid national passport.

By the end of the program, intended parents need to get a passport and a visa for their baby or babies born through surrogacy.

A Child Born to British Parents

British parents can get a British passport for a child registered as a British citizen.[7] British nationality and UK immigration law after surrogacy “Parents can apply for a British passport or an entry clearance visa stamp in the US passport before traveling, although this takes longer. A British passport is generally only available immediately if the surrogate is unmarried and the biological father (or parent who has provided the sperm, if transgender) is registered on the US birth certificate. In other cases, the child will have to be registered as a British citizen or will have to apply for an entry clearance visa.” View in Article

Or, British parents can also apply for the child visa on discretionary grounds where intended parents meet various conditions and apply for a parental order.

British biological parents of a child born through surrogacy may register their child as a British citizen by applying for the MN1 form.[8]GUIDE_MN1 Who qualifies for registration? “A child born in the UK to a parent who is • a British citizen, or • settled in the UK at the time the child is born, or • a member of the UK armed forces.” View in Article

A Child Born to Other Nationalities

Surrogate babies born to other foreign parents in Ukraine get the nationality of the intended parents.

If the child does not get the citizenship of the intended parents, then he/she acquires the citizenship of Ukraine. Given that the parents live within the territory of Ukraine on legal grounds.

A Child Born to the US Parents

The US citizen parent may apply for the consular report of birth abroad of an American Citizen, abbreviated as CRBA, and a US passport for the child at the US embassy in Kyiv. Once intended parents apply, CRBA does the verification and certifies the child as a US citizen.

To learn more about how to apply, please visit- US Embassy on Ukraine official website.

Who Can Have a Surrogate Child in Ukraine?

Ukraine legalized commercial surrogacy in 1997. Thus, all married couples from other countries can opt for surrogacy in Ukraine.[9]Dominus Law Firm Surrogacy in Ukraine: practical issues and legal risks “Only married heterosexual couples can qualify as intended parents when they provide medical proof of the intended mother’s infertility (a diagnosis that is preventing her from becoming pregnant or carrying a pregnancy to term under safe conditions for both her and a baby).” View in Article

A few laws are defining the eligibility to opt for surrogacy programs.

  • Intended parents must be straight married couples and must have a marriage certificate.
  • The intended mother must provide medical proof of infertility.
  • The medical reports of the intended mother should include the diagnosis that prevents her from becoming pregnant or carrying the pregnancy to full term.

Note- Ukraine bans surrogacy for same-sex couples. Hence only heterosexual couples are eligible for surrogacy in Ukraine. Also, you are not allowed to choose the sex of the child born through surrogacy. Intended parents who wish to do so are not allowed to opt for surrogacy programs.[10]Dominus Law Firm Surrogacy in Ukraine: practical issues and legal risks “It means that homosexual couples, unmarried couples, and singles are not legally eligible to become parents through surrogacy programs in Ukraine. Apart from these, no restrictions on the part of the intended parents apply.” View in Article

As for surrogate mothers in Ukraine-

  • A surrogate mother must be full age. That is between 18 to 35 years.
  • Must have a healthy child. Meaning she must have carried at least one pregnancy to full term before and given birth.
  • Certified fit to carry a child.
  • Should not have drinking, substance, or any other such habits or a criminal record. [11]Dominus Law Firm Surrogacy in Ukraine: practical issues and legal risks “As to the surrogate, she must be full of age (18 years and more, in practice up to 35 years), have at least one natural healthy child, and be mentally and physically fit to become a surrogate mother. Her marital status or any other factors are of no relevance.” View in Article

Why Is Surrogacy in Ukraine Better Than Adoption?

Surrogacy helps the intended parents to have genetic linkage with the child. When you choose Ukraine for surrogacy, the laws are strict and favor the intended parents preventing custodial claims later on at any stage in life. According to Ukrainian law, a surrogate mother only nurtures and harbors the baby. Neither does she have any legal ties or right to any custodial claims.

Thus, couples who long to hold their baby in their arms can now live this dream with Ukrainian Surrogacy programs.

Surrogacy Clinics in Ukraine

Intended parents get the legal benefits and convenience to choose surrogacy programs in Ukraine. But, it is always a good measure to do thorough research and plan your surrogacy tourism.

Are you confused about which surrogacy clinic to choose for a hassle-free experience? Newlife Surrogacy clinic has a remarkable success rate in this field. Let us guide you through the surrogacy programs offered by Newlife Surrogacy Clinic.

Newlife Surrogacy Clinic, Ukraine

Newlife Ukraine has helped many families find their ray of hope with assisted reproduction and surrogacy programs. They not only have a large database of national and international egg donors and surrogate mothers but affordable surrogacy programs.

Newlife Surrogacy Ukraine vows to help families-

  • Offer effective care and compassionate communication.
  • Help the intended parents have a stress-free journey.
  • Lead them to their ultimate goal of having a healthy baby.

Why Should You Choose Newlife Ukraine?

Surrogacy coupled with assisted reproduction is a complex procedure. Newlife tries to make this process smooth and stress-free. The clinic offers tailored surrogacy programs by following an ethical approach.

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3
  • Step 4

Every surrogacy is handled individually and organized carefully at Newlife. Before beginning a procedure, the clinic analyzes your information to understand and offer professional feedback. Privacy of the intended parents and the surrogates is a major concern, and hence the clinic keeps your data confidential.

Before beginning a procedure, the clinic analyzes your information to understand and offer professional feedback. You are requested to send a formal request to begin the process. You’re asked to share-

  • Your age and the age of your spouse or partner
  • Your country of residence and nationality
  • Medical history
  • Contact information
  • Specific requests for the services that you require

After analyzing your information, the clinic contacts you to plan your surrogacy program. This includes-

  • Planning the time and term of the program
  • Package cost
  • Medical procedures involved
  • Legal aspects
  • Agency fee and so on

After the discussions are done, you will be given a unique password to access Newlife’s database and choose the donor or the surrogate. On choosing the candidate based on your needs and preferences, the surrogate will be assigned to you by the clinic coordinator.

  • Receive a unique password to access Newlife’s database.
  • Choose the donor/ surrogate as per your choice and preferences.
  • Get in touch with the clinic coordinator, who also assigns your chosen surrogate to you.

All contract documents will be sent to you for reading and signatures after everything is discussed. The contracts are made available in Ukrainian as well as English languages.

After the contracts are signed, the clinic arranges for your first visit to Kyiv, and thus, your surrogacy program begins.

Every detail, important update, and progress of the procedure is shared with you at each step by the clinic. And at the end of the program, the clinic will inform you of your scheduled visit, and you can then take your baby home along with all the legal documents.

  • Receive the contract documents in your email after discussing and planning your program.
  • The contracts are available in English as well as Ukrainian languages.
  • Post signing the contract, the clinic arranges for your first visit to Kyiv, and thus, your surrogacy program begins.
  • Every detail, important update, and progress of the procedure is shared with you by the clinic.
  • At the end of the program, the clinic informs you of your final visit.
  • Finally, take your baby home along with all the legal documents.

Possibility of Multiple Births in Surrogacy

  • In assisted reproduction, the probability of carrying twins or triplets is high.
  • Often, specialists repeat the procedure due to the complexities involved.
  • It results in making repetitive attempts until the baby is born.
  • Usually, specialists transfer more than one embryo to the womb to make the process cost-effective for intended parents.
  • Thus, the transfer of more than one and not more than three embryos is the protocol followed in such procedures.
  • The evaluation of all these possibilities and the transfer of healthy embryos may result in multiple pregnancies.
  • Not all the transferred embryos will survive or make it to the term. But, the ultimate goal of surrogacy is to have a healthy baby or babies.

Surrogacy Tourism in Ukraine

Ukraine is a preferred surrogacy destination because it offers many benefits. It includes-

  • Smooth legal procedures.
  • Friendly laws for intended parents.
  • Affordable commercial surrogacy programs.

The program coordinator gives regular updates of the process to the intended parents. Experts maintain high medical standards throughout the process. All these factors help couples have a stress-free surrogacy journey and parenthood. Hence many couples are choosing Ukraine as their surrogacy destination.

Visiting Kyiv, Ukraine for Surrogacy? Here’s All You Need to Know

Through the duration of your program, you will be visiting Kyiv two to three times.

Visit Steps to Follow
Visit 1
  • Your surrogacy program begins.
  • Meet with your doctor and program coordinator.
  • Undergo medical tests if needed.
  • Sign the contracts.
Visit 2
  • The intended mother donates the eggs if she is fit to do so.
  • Get the prescribed medicines and begin stimulation at home or as you prefer
Visit 3
  • Take your baby home along with the civil registration certificate.

Patient Testimonials

With a prior unsuccessful surrogacy attempt, Newlife Ukraine helped this couple welcome their miracle home. Here’s a peek into their surrogacy journey.

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