Laura’s Gastric Sleeve Testimonial – Tijuana, Mexico

Watch Laura from Manitoba, Canada review gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Mexico.

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Video Transcription

“My name is Laura Akong and I am from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.”

“I came here because I wanted to get Gastric Sleeve Surgery to lose some weight. I have been struggling all my life going up and down with my weight.”

“As a matter of fact a friend of mine actually, he is a doctor as well in Canada recommended Dr. Jorge Green here in Tijuana, Mexico. That is when I went online and I looked it up – MTC and I actually found Dr. Green so that is how I found out.”

“I looked at getting the surgery done back in Manitoba but unfortunately the wait list would be too long for me. We looked at about 18 months also with my BMI being 31; I would not have been that easy to get it done there versus going somewhere else and getting it done in Mexico.”

“It was really quick, as a matter of fact within two weeks, I had the surgery. I contacted MTC via email and a lady responded to me – Leslie and from there on it went pretty fast. It was really easy. The instructions were clear. All the questions that I had, the concerns that I had, I got answers really quick. I did not have to wait like hours. It was literally within an hour or two, I got response and I spoke with the person and I got my phone calls.”

“We had good conversations and I could address all my questions that I had – the cost and all that. It was a really easy process and fast as well.”

“It was really fantastic. We got picked up at the airport by Lily. Lily and I was messaging via WhatsApp so that we would know when I would arrive, where I would be and she picked us up.”

“She had a couple of other people in her vehicle and we drove to Tijuana and she brought us from the airport to the hotel and then from hotel to the hospital. So, it was fast and it was nice view.”

“The service provided was wonderful. Karen was just amazing. She met us and she was friendly, outgoing, and compassionate. She answered all of the questions I had. She kind of became our personal friend, somebody you connect really easy with. So, I will totally recommend Karen as the coordinator and the destination manager.”

“I came with my spouse. He was here with me so that we could do it together so that I could have the surgery and he would be my support. It really worked better than coming by myself because I had that help when I felt a little bit down.”

“I loved him, I just love him. The doctor had such amazing bedside manners. Dr. Green is fantastic. He will answer all the questions and he is really outgoing and friendly and you feel very easy to talk to him. It is just easy to ask him something really personal about things that may scare you and it is much easier.”

“Also, the nurses, everybody was so fantastic. There was one particular I absolutely loved – Amyra. She was fantastic. She was so outgoing and friendly. All the nurses here they were above and beyond for us. I could just recommend it over and over.”

“Absolutely, I will recommend it and I will be telling everybody that I meet in future of possibly going or telling people. I think that was one of the greatest experiences that I ever had and I would so recommend it. I would do it all over again.

Laura is Dr. Green’s patient and she is absolutely thrilled with her sleeve surgery experience in Tijuana, Mexico. Watch another satisfied client of Dr. Green – Rick Beinz – reviewing sleeve gastrectomy in Tijuana, Mexico.

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