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Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy India

Prostatectomy in western countries is expensive, and the patients usually have to wait for a long time to get operated. Low cost prostatectomy in India is a good option for patients looking for affordable treatments without having to compromise on the quality of services. Prostatectomy is a surgical method to remove all or some parts of the Prostate gland due to a tumor growth or any other abnormalities. Check out what this surgeon has to say about radical prostatectomy surgery in India.

Following is the video narration.

Prostatectomy India – Procedure and Formalities

“The problem with green light or PVP is that it’s as good as a diode in terms of the amount of tissue you can resect which is 4 or 5 grams a minute but after about 20 minutes of using the laser, the fibre gets redundant and you may have to use multiple fibres making it expensive and also making it difficult to use large prostate glands…at this point of time, I would prefer diode …to a standard green light PVP laser. My last …

We generally consider a patient for, generally only after a psychiatric evaluation and medico legal formalities are complete. And we only do that in an adult who has achieved puberty and is above the age of 18. We only do generally  below the age of 18 when the child is born with an anomaly, which has been documented in a major hospital from the country of origin. In those who are above the age of 18, assuming that the counseling has been in place and the chromosal typing has been in place, the choice …

For which an individual wants to be assigned has been medico legally confirmed then we go ahead and in case, for example, we are looking at a pseudohermaphrodite or a fully grown male who wants to be female. Basically because of the emotional reasons or the internal or external genitalia are appropriate to the sex of his choice.

We go ahead and do it in two stages. We generally remove the genitalia which is not appropriate to the gender chosen. For example, if it is a male, we remove the penis and the reconstruction of the breast is done after a hormonal treatment for a minimum period of six to eight months. We also construct the orifice such as the vaginal orifice using jejunum as and when found appropriate.

I would put it in summary that depending on……….to which gender he wants to be assigned to and depending on the investigations of chromosomal analyses of what actually is his sex. We go ahead and construct anatomically appropriate body image which would suit the sex he has chosen.

We also do radical prostatectomies. The point of interest is not that it is the core competence is not available in North America but we probably provide the whole range of possibilities. One – radical prostatetecomy is surgical option as well as ……..modulated radiotherapy and high intensity focus ultrasound which is the latest to treat advanced cancer prostate. The advantage of this hospital is, hospital is an entity in Bangalore. We probably are much cheaper than and much safer than most destinations.

Considering cancer prostate is of major interest in North America and Europe, being the single largest cancer occurring in the males. That’s one facility which we have here. A holistic approach to cancer prostatectomy. I have received patients from Canada, both from Toronto, Vancouver and Halifax. I have had patients from Newark, from California. I also have a major chunk of patients from Africa especially Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Senegal and the Middle-East, right across the Middle-East, Iraq, Iran, Dubai, Oman, Morocco. One of the reasons is that I speak reasonably fluent Arabic. These are about the destinations I received patients in the last six months.”

In the video, a leading Indian urologist speaks about the procedure of radical prostatectomy in India. The surgeon says he prefers the use of diode to that of laser in the surgery.

Before starting the surgical procedure, it is ensured that all formalities including psychological evaluation report of the patient are complete. The procedure of changing sex takes many months as it involves hormonal treatment also. Radical prostatectomy cost in India is reasonable; many patients from different parts of the world have benefitted from the treatment in India.

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