Laparoscopic Gastric Band Surgery in Belgium – A popular, affordable, quality surgery destination

Belgium is a very popular medical tourism destination with medical tourists in the Western world, especially for those from the UK. The laparoscopic gastric band surgery or ‘lap band’, in short, done in Belgium is the one of the best options, any which way you look at it.

Lap Band in Belgium

What is laparoscopic gastric band surgery?

The laparoscopic gastric band surgery or lap band, in short, decreases the size of the stomach pouch. This makes people feel full after they have had just a small meal, and thus helps in losing weight.

Why get the lap band done in Belgium?

  • Cost: If you are from the UK,  lap band surgery in Belgium is the way to go. While the procedure may cost anywhere between £ 9,000 – £ 12,000 in the UK, in Belgium the cost can drop to £ 4,000. This low cost of the surgery does not mean that quality of healthcare is compromised in any way.
  • Quality: Obesity surgery is carried out in many countries in the world. However, there are few countries with the same experience and success rate in obesity surgery as Belgium. Many Belgian hospitals have a very long tradition of surgical experience in obesity surgery and treatments. Laparoscopy, in fact, is one of the specialties of Belgium medical tourism. Every Gastric Band or Gastric Bypass is done by laparoscopy (unless technically impossible) and this means a very short stay in hospital.

Also, in general, Belgium has always been known for its high hygiene standards and use of latest technology. In a recent study by The World Markets Research Centre, Belgium ranked top for medical purposes out of 175 countries, not least because secondary infection rates average less than 0.5% compared with around 10% in the UK.

The high level of Belgium’s surgical expertise comes from many years of training imparted to its doctors: all doctors are trained for a minimum of seven years and specialists for 12 years.

  • Follow-up care: Many Belgium doctors have a follow-up network in neighboring countries like UK and Ireland. Hence, do check if your doctor or hospital offers such a service.
  • No queues: Forget the long waiting lines of NHS. For a weight loss surgery in Belgium, you choose the date for the operation after all initial screenings, and get yourself banded. As simple as that.
  • Proximity to UK: You can choose to go to Belgium by air, road or rail. There is the fast and convenient Eurostar train service from London (all tickets from London allow you free onward travel within Belgium) and an easy-to-navigate public transport network in Belgium. Major European highways like the E-19, E-17, E-40, E-411 and E-313 pass through Belgium. You can also get to Belgium from all over Europe on Eurolines coaches.
  • Climate and language: The climate is similar to UK’s, with slightly hotter summers and colder winters. The official languages spoken are Dutch, French, and German, but many people speak English, too.

All in all,  getting gastric lap band surgery in Belgium is a good option for someone looking for a high quality and affordable weight loss procedure in Europe.

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