What is LapBand (lap band) Fluoroscopy?

Lapband fluoroscopy is a procedure where a special type of x-ray machine (fluoroscope) is used to play live images of the gastrointestinal tract onto a computer monitor. These images can be recorded as well. A Lap band fluoroscopy allows the doctor to observe the digestive tract & the lap band of the patient.

Fluoroscopy is also helpful in investigation if the doctor suspects a problem. Some doctors use lap band fluoroscopy to make lap band adjustments. In most of our network hospitals, lap band fills are free with a nominal change for lapband fluoroscopy.

Below are two pictures. The first is the fluoroscopy machine. The second is the computer monitor terminal where the images are viewed.

Hospitals that Medical Tourism Corporation facilitates patients for bariatric medical procedures, are equipped with the state of the art lap band fluoroscopy equipment.

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