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Twin city to El Paso, TX about 10 minutes drive from the El Paso Airport is the bristling Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez. More commonly referred as just Juarez. It is a city of about 1.3 million inhabitants.

Ciudad Juarez Lap Band

There is no border charge to enter Ciudad Juarez from the USA. Travel by car, taxi, bus, & even simply walking across on foot is quite common across this international border. Juarez Tour Guide has very detailed information on the city.

Juarez climate is dry to semi-arid although there is regular rainfall. The average annual temperature is 68 F. Ciudad Juarez also has a fast growing economy. Many multinationals like Toshiba, JVC, and Honeywell & more have facilities in or around Juarez.

Ciudad Juarez boasts one of the best lap band surgeons in North America. For many years cost effective & high quality private hospitals have drawn a large numbers of patients from the United States.

We at medical tourism corporation facilitate affordable lap band surgery at Juarez. The drive from the El Paso airport in USA to our network of hospital in Juarex, Mexico is about 15 minutes. Fill out the free estimate request form for a quote for lap band in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

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