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Laminectomy For The Excision Of Spinal Tumors Abroad

Laminectomy For The Excision Of Spinal Tumors Cost Package:
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International Destinations: India, Jordan, Mexico, South Korea, Turkey

Laminectomy is a surgical procedure, which involves the trimming or complete removal of the lamina (i.e. the back portion of the vertebra), with the objective of relieving pressure on the spinal nerves by creating more space. Primary or metastatic tumors that affect the spinal cord, cause compression which results in pain, weakness, spasms and loss of sensation.

Laminectomy Spinal Tumor Excision

This procedure is conducted in conjunction with resection of the spinal tumor to alleviate the symptoms caused due to the compression by the growth and to preserve neurological functions. The procedure is conducted primarily when the patient fails to respond to non-operative treatments like chemotherapy or radiation therapy. It is a major surgical procedure and requires great technical skills and advanced technological support to successfully execute it. There are few international medical tourism destinations which provide such spinal surgery, at lower costs whilst maintaining international quality standards. These destinations include South Korea, India, Jordan, Turkey and Mexico. The hospitals at these locations are accredited by international accrediting agencies like JCI, JACHO, ISO, etc.

Laminectomy for excision of Spinal Tumors: Types of Spinal Tumors

Spinal tumors are broadly classified on the basis of their anatomical location in the spinal cord.

  • Epidural Spinal Tumor: These are tumors which are secondary tumors (i.e. caused due to metastasis). They are located outside the dura mater ( i.e. the lining around the spinal cord)
  • Intradural spinal tumor: For tumors that occur inside the dura mater (i.e. transcend the lining around the spinal cord) are referred to as intradural spinal tumors. They are further classified as,
    • Extra-medullary i.e. in the space between the dura mater and the spinal tissue ( not entering into the spinal tissue)
    • Intra-medullary i.e affecting the spinal tissue. Both Intradural tumor types are primary tumors that originate in the spinal tissue

Success rate after Laminectomy for excision of spinal tumor:

Different clinical studies indicate different findings for outcomes related to laminectomy for the management of spinal tumors. Evidence suggests that for epidural tumor patients, 37.7% became ambulatory after the surgical intervention, however the prognosis is poor due to the extensive metastasis. On the other hand, patients with intra-dural tumors showed significant improvement with about 78.5% patients improving after the procedure.

Preparing for Laminectomy for excision of spinal tumors:

  • Prior to conducting the procedure, the patient is clinically examined by a medical team comprising of a neurosurgeon, onco-surgeon and an orthopedic surgeon to assess the medical condition of the patient.
  • The patient will be asked to stop anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin, ibuprofen and any other drugs that cause the blood to thin. It is therefore essential that you share the list of prescription and OTC medication that you regularly take.
  • The patient will have to undergo imaging tests like X ray, MRI or CT scan to understand the condition of the spine, the exact location of the tumor, the extent of nerve root compression.
  • Other investigations like electrocardiogram and routine blood investigations are also essential to ensure that the patient is medically fit to undergo the complex and long surgical procedure
  • The patient is asked to avoid taking any food or liquids, orally after midnight on the scheduled day of the surgery. The patient is however allowed to take essential medications.

Laminectomy for excision of Spinal Tumors: The procedure

For the management of spinal tumors, laminectomy is conducted in concordance with spinal tumor excision surgery, to alleviate pain associated with the tumor and also to remove the tumor partly or completely. The surgery is conducted under general anesthesia and would take approximately one to four hours depending upon the number of vertebrae involved and the extent of tumor to be removed. The procedure is conducted as follows,

  • The patient is placed in a kneeling position. The spine normally carries the weight of the abdomen and by positioning the patient in this way, it reduces the weight of the abdomen on the spine.
  • An incision is made on the desired vertebrae and the ligament joining the vertebra with the lamina is removed. This gives the surgeon a clear view of the nerve root and the tumor.
  • The tumor is excised and the nerve root pushed back towards the centre of the spinal cord. The incision is closed with the support of the back muscles which now directly protect the nerve roots.

Post operative care after Laminectomy for excision of spinal tumors:

  • The patient is monitored and re-evaluated by the physician to assess the patient’s clinical condition. During hospitalization, the patient is expected to take certain precautions to ensure that the surgical wound heals fast without any complications.
  • Post operative treatment may include radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy depending upon the nature of the tumor and its spread
  • The patient is advised to maintain a good, healthy and balanced diet to ensure that the recovery is hastened and immunity maintained
  • Physical therapy may be prescribed to patients depending upon the medical condition and the extent of the surgery. The objective is to help the patient build muscle strength, regain flexibility and endurance.

Complications of Laminectomy for excision of spinal tumors:

Any surgical procedure is associated with some form of risk. Laminectomy for the excision of spinal tumors is also associated with certain risks which include,

  • Nerve damage
  • Blood clots or hematoma
  • Spinal fluid leakage
  • Bleeding or hemorrhage
  • Infection
  • Worsening of the pain in the back

Laminectomy for excision of Spinal Tumors in South Korea

South Korea is recent years has evolved as the centre for medical tourism for surgical and medical oncology and reconstructive surgery. The hospitals are at par with international quality protocols and provide care at fairly lower rates when compared to medical cost in the United States.

Laminectomy for excision of Spinal Tumors in India

With the largest English speaking population in the world, India has woken up to the opportunity of medical tourism. There are several JCI accredited hospitals in India, which provide medical care at 20% of the price when compared to hospitals in the United States. This is largely attributed to the abundance of qualified and trained manpower in the country. Today, several leading chain of corporate hospitals in India are attracting medical tourists on the basis of high quality at extremely low costs

Lumbar Microdiscectomy in Mexico

Mexico is located in the North American Continent, with its border crossing the United States. It is the closest international medical tourism destination for US citizens, which offers high quality services, with state of art medical infrastructure, latest technology and equipments and international trained and qualified medical professionals. The Mexican hospitals also offer a considerable cost advantage to US patients.

Laminectomy for excision of Spinal Tumors in Jordan

Spinal surgery for the extraction of tumors is a highly complex procedure and requires a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals to successfully execute the procedure. There are very few international destinations across the world, which have adequate physical infrastructure and capabilities to train its medical professionals in critical aspects of surgical care. Jordan, with direct intervention of its government and administration, has been investing heavily on training medical professionals to gain rich experience in latest surgical and medical procedures.

Laminectomy for excision of Spinal Tumors in Turkey

Turkey is working towards improving its health and medical infrastructure, as it plans to become a part of the European Union. It is embracing quality norms and protocols laid down by the European Union, which are very similar to US standards. This has significantly improved the quality of medical care, whilst avoiding escalations in the medical care costs. These attributes have helped Turkey evolve as one of the most preferred medical tourism destinations in West Asia.

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