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Reproductive Expert talks about IVF Treatment Cycle in Turkey

In this video, leading IVF and human reproductive surgeon from Turkey talks about IVF treatment cycle.  He explains the steps involved in IVF and embryo transfer.

IVF stands for “in-vitro fertilization” which means fertilization of the female egg with the sperm in a test tube.  Though it’s a 12-17 days process but the surgeon starts patient’s medication a month before the embryo formation. Check out the video of the surgeon explaining IVF treatment cycle.

Following is the video narration.

“Let’s review how a typical IVF treatment cycle involves. First will in order for some travelling from overseas, to make sure that she would start timely treatment we would use a month of birth control pills before the actual treatment. That would allow us to prevent any unexpected cyst or other unexpected problems. So typically, three days after the last birth control pill, the woman will have a period, so  we would like to see her here on the second, latest on the third day of that post pill menstruation. At that time, we will examine her and start appropriate injections.

Those are daily injections which she can give to herself; it is very easy to subcutaneous injection. Those injections will last approximately 10 days and she would need to be seen every initially 4 days later, it comes the other days. And after those egg follicles are mature, two days later we will collect the eggs. The partner husband has to be here to provide the sperm.

After fertilization occurring, typically we would transfer somewhere between 3 to 5 days later embryos. So total, maximum the treatment will last approximately 17 days. But it may last as short as 15 days. But initially, the treatment may be initiated in the home country for the first three four days of injections, if it is important to cut down the duration of the treatment here. So the shortest that we can really manager is at least 12 days here in this country.”

The surgeon explains that before the actual IVF treatment starts, birth control pills are prescribed to the woman for a month. It prevents any unexpected problems like cysts. Once the woman menstruates, on the second or third day fertility injections are started. They last for 10 days. When the egg follicles mature, eggs are retrieved from the woman and fertilized with the sperm in a test tube, called “in vitro fertilization”. The embryo thus formed is transferred to the woman’s uterus when three to four days old.

For those who are looking for an affordable cost of IVF, Turkey could be a good option. Besides pocket friendly prices, the internationally trained surgeons and hospitals with cutting edge technology are also big draws for medical tourists.

The surgeon suggests a minimum stay of 12 days in the country for IVF treatment. Along with the treatment, one can also plan a holiday trip in the country. Turkey is known for its attractive tourist destinations and incredible landscapes. People here are also very hospitable.

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