IVF & Human Reproductive Surgeon talks about IVF in Turkey

In this video, leading IVF and human reproductive surgeon from Turkey talks about IVF. IVF or in vitro fertilisation is a reproductive technology. As the word “in vitro” suggests “in a test tube”, IVF means the fertilisation of female egg and male sperm in a test tube.

The surgeon has fellowship in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. He is also a visiting professor at Yale University. Check out the video of the surgeon talking about affordable IVF in Turkey.

Following is the video narration.

“I did my medical school in Turkey and after that I did my residency in obstetrics and gynaecology at Columbia University, New York, followed by a fellowship in reproductive endocrinology and infertility in South Western Medical Centre in Dallas, Texas.

Following that since 1992, I have been a faculty at Yale University where I became the head of the reproductive medicine section for approximately 8 years and since 2007, I have been the head of the medical, women’s health department at our medical center. For the moment, I still keep my appointment as faculty at Yale University where I m a food professor. Every month, I go to Yale University to spend a week and to see patients also but also to run a lab and to….. education. So the remaining of time, I remain here at our medical centre.

As far as technology and material is concerned, the programme here at our medical centre is at cutting edge. And it is easy to transfer technology so therefore whenever something new advanced comes up, we do get it here. So therefore, we use most up-to-date cutting edge technology in reproductive medicine here at our medical centre.

There is a very strict regulation in Turkey as far as how the labs are run. So therefore, we do have to use most sophisticated technique in laboratories and that helps us achieve a very high success rate in IVF procedures. Just to give you an example, we use four different filters to filter the air that circulates in the laboratories at four different levels and use most up-to-date technology again to make sure that embryos are kept at most appropriate conditions and all those things do help obviously, with the knowledge of the physicians and the team do have a very high success rate.

There is ……… in United States and you can easily check what is the average pregnancy rates in IVF programmes in United States. As a matter of fact, our pregnancy rates have been over the years remaining, one above of the United States average pregnancy rates, once you look to age matched categories.

Well, we do get quite of a few patients from United States. Beyond that, geographical closeness obviously plays a role. We do get quite many patients from Great Britain, Holland, Germany, some from Scandinavia, especially in Scandinavians and German, because of too many restrictions, we do get lot many patients and geographically neighbouring countries like Romania, Bulgaria, Northern Iraq and Macedonia , Albania, even from Greece.

Generally speaking Turkish people are well known for their hospitality. So therefore, it is a great tourist destination. People generally come to have a very pleasant time in this country. So therefore a combining medical care especially for a treatment such as IVF where every three days, you may need just 15 minutes ultrasound and but you have three four days free time without any risk to your health. I think Turkey offers a great opportunity, at the same time, providing the medical care, but also providing a great touristic destination, with the combination of a great hospitality of Turkish people. I have experienced and very pleasant group of patients who visited here.

The laws, as I have mentioned earlier, are quite restrictive in Turkey. There is a very strict control of laboratory environment, of clean and purified air and other materials should be, making sure that there are never contaminations and making sure that great success rates are achieved. But those restrictions do apply on the other aspects also.

Third party reproduction, as we call is illegal in Turkey and is not allowed. What are the third party reproduction – it is donor sperm, donor egg and gestational carrier. So, those three services are not available in Turkey.”

Patients from countries including US, Great Britain, Holland, Germany and many more have been flying down to Turkey for IVF treatment.  Low cost of IVF in Turkey does not mean that quality is compromised. The doctors and surgeons in Turkey are internationally trained, hospitals have the latest technology and every measure is taken to ascertain a healthy environment in the hospital and its IVF labs.

At the end, the surgeon states that third party reproduction is illegal in Turkey. Third party reproduction includes – donor egg, donor sperm and gestational carrier.

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