International Cell Phone Lease

If you are looking for international cell phone lease or are considering buying cell phones for overseas use you are at the right place. Medical Tourism Corporation has selected one of the most cost effective international cell phone service to stay in touch with friends, family and co-workers while traveling abroad in more than 150 countries. You can click below to access the cell phone website

Hotels often charge high prices to use their phones, using a mobile phone to call can be cheaper and more convenient as you don’t have to buy a calling card or even look for a pay phone.

The advantage of having a cell phone that works overseas is that your friends & family can reach you easily. They don’t have to know your new numbers if you are changing locations overseas.

What impressed us about this service is:

  • Costs less than leasing or renting a cell phone
  • Has a lifetime phone number with no annual fee.
  • Can be used for multiple trips without any recurring costs.
  • Works in over 150 countries with no minimums, fees or service charges.
  • You pay only for calls you make.
  • No headaches of deposits, deliveries, returns and credit checks.
  • Never need to change the SIM card
  • English-speaking customer service from anywhere in the world
  • Has won rave reviews from a lot of travel experts.

Although some people prefer an international cell phone lease, we suggest you consider buying cell phones for overseas use. This recommended service makes buying a cell phone more logical.


Med Tourism Co, LLC