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Information on Progress of Surrogate Pregnancy


A number of intended parents from the US, Australia, the UK and other parts of West Europe elect surrogate pregnancy in India given the low medical costs and easy availability of healthy surrogates in the Southwest Asian country.

In this video, a leading doctor from New Delhi surrogacy clinic talks about getting information on progress of surrogate’s pregnancy in India.

Video Narration

“We understand it is very hard being thousands of miles away from your baby, it is like a surreal experience you go through and we do everything possible to make it easy for you.

We understand how hard it is to have a pregnancy going in the other part of the world, thousands of miles away, what a surreal experience it must be and we really go, whatever is possible for us, we accommodate.  We do two weekly scans and send you these updates in the initial crucial part of the pregnancy. After the first 3 months are over we do a monthly scan.

Say you have a panic attack in the night and want to see what your surrogate is doing, within 24 hours you can request for an extra scan and you will get it with the report.  So we try and make this process as smooth as possible for parents to be.”

Surrogacy clinics in India are well equipped with advanced technology and have well trained doctors having considerable experience in their fields, which is why many Americans, Australians, UK nationals and people from other international destinations fly to India for quality surrogacy treatment at fraction of cost of their home countries.

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