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Indian Surrogate Mothers

Many couples go to East Asia every year to benefit from surrogacy in India, using the services of Indian surrogate mothers. This country is famous in the medical tourist industry as it boasts of excellent quality healthcare for much lower prices than in American and European countries.

Indian Surrogate

Surrogacy in India

  • The surrogacy experts in India are world-renowned, sought after by couples from around the globe
  • The costs can be lower by 20-40%, depending on the procedures that need to be done
  • Surrogate mothers in India undergo an intensive screening and qualification process
  • Most surrogate agencies in India are internationally-accredited
  • The agencies also involve the couple as much as possible throughout the whole process – from surrogate selection until the time they take the baby home to their own country
  • Indian surrogacy agencies and health professionals are experienced in dealing with medical tourists from various countries, and they speak fluent English

The Screening Process for Surrogates in India

Indian surrogate mothers are screened using several or all of the following criteria and tests:

  • Age
  • Pregnancy history
  • Health history
  • Interviews with psychologists/psychiatrists
  • Background investigation
  • Infectious diseases screening
  • STD screening

Some surrogacy agencies may also use other procedures that are not stated above. Aside from a detailed information pack about the surrogates, the couples are also given the Indian surrogate mothers’ photos to choose from.

Surrogate Mothers in India

Pregnancy and Health of Indian Surrogate Mothers

A surrogate carrying a couple’s baby is kept in an environment where her and the baby’s health and safety are continually monitored and maintained. Here are the ways this is done for surrogate mothers in India.

  • Regular medical checks
  • Healthy food and environment in surrogacy homes/facilities
  • Highly qualified health professionals conducting sonography, Doppler test, etc
  • Regular psychological and psychiatric tests plus counselling sessions

Tourist Attractions in India

Some tourism facts about India:

  • India is home to the famous Taj Mahal
  • Hotels and resorts are beautiful, and among the most comfortable in the world
  • The use of spices in Indian food is astounding, as can be tasted in their wide variety of dishes available from fine-dining restaurants to street stalls

Most people going to India for medical trips insert some sight-seeing in their itinerary. Those who also look to this country for Indian surrogate mothers get to visit the country at least once or twice, and they are well-advised to take advantage of these trips to also absorb some of the country’s wonderful sights and culture while preparing for what may be the most wonderful time in their lives.

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