Indian Cases on Surrogacy

With thousands of people across the globe running out of options for starting their own families, Indian cases of surrogacy have gradually proliferated.  The ease by which Indian surrogacy programs are implemented is very attractive, often providing a solution to strained situations.

Indian surrogacy cases are ideal for the following:

  • Husbands and wives
  • Gay couples
  • People who want to become single parents

Embryologist Adding Sperm to Egg

What Does an Indian Surrogacy Package Include?

A surrogacy case in India may include several or all of the following steps:

  • Evaluation stage – tests are performed on couple/single parent to find out about viability of sperm/egg
  • Surrogate screening – Indian surrogate mothers are screened keeping into account the factors that will provide the highest chance of success
  • Egg/semen harvesting
  • IVF to the surrogate
  • Pregnancy tests and monitoring
  • Delivery
  • Processing of papers and other legal requirements for child to be brought home by parent(s)

Please note that the processes included in each surrogacy case in India change on case to case basis.  Other steps may also need to be taken; the surrogacy experts in India thoroughly discuss the whole surrogacy process with the parent(s) in order for them to understand and decide together on what needs to be done for their particular case.

What is not included in the Package?

Usually, travel expenses and hotel accommodations while in India are not included in surrogacy packages.  However, the clinics are used to dealing with foreigners and will be able to help their patients get the best deals while in town.

Surrogacy Agency - India

Cultural Trips – India

Indian surrogacy cases involve couples or single parents to visit once or twice throughout the process.  Many of them plan trips to different cultural sites in India while there.  The Taj Mahal, for instance, receives millions of tourists from around the globe every year.

Travel Tips to India

  • India stays warm almost all through the year, so pack light clothes with light wraps in case the weather changes becomes cold and breezy at night.
  • There are many cultural sites and temples scattered around the country, so look up the places you would like to visit.
  • Coordinate with the surrogacy clinics in India for hotels and they will be able to recommend where previous patients have stayed for the best rates.
  • Ask the clinic for references of previous patients who undertook Indian cases of surrogacy, so you know what to expect from the process and the trip as a whole.

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