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India Surrogacy Clinic

New Delhi

In this video, director of an Indian surrogacy clinic, New Delhi talks about her education and experience.

She also talks about the advantages in visiting New Delhi for surrogacy and considers Indian surrogate mothers among the healthiest around the world.

Video Narration

“I am running one of the largest surrogacy programs in India and we are based in New Delhi, which is a capital city of India.  And this offers us an advantage that we are closely located to all the international embassies.  Parents can easily process the paper work of taking their babies home without having to travel with small children which something which most parents don’t want to do.  And I have been in this field for last eleven years of which 4 years have been spent in New Delhi, remaining in other city in India called Bombay and UK.  And my basic training in infertility is from the UK from one to the most prestigious universities in the world.  It is called as imperial college and Hammersmith hospital, London, one of the largest IVF providers for the country of United Kingdom.

And after coming to India, we have setup a program and currently we have 91 pregnant surrogates for international clients who are expecting hundred and twenty six babies in the next coming 8 months and reason for this growth is because our success rates are very high and we use the most modern equipment that is available anywhere in the world.  Our surrogate mothers are very healthy and they follow a very healthy lifestyle because the problem of drug addiction or say smoking is not prevalent in India.  We are fortunate for that.  A healthy lifestyle combined with high success rate gives a very successful outcome to parents who are who have to go down this path to have a family.”

In addition to well-trained doctors and use of advanced technology in the clinics, low cost of surrogacy in India is one of the major reasons why lots of people from the US, Australia, the UK and other West European countries fly to India to fulfill their dream of completing their families by having a child of their own.

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