India Gay Surrogacy Programs

Initially, surrogacy procedures in India were attributed only to heterosexual couples who have difficulty getting pregnant.  In recent years, however, Indian gay surrogacy programs have also become popular, serving couples who would normally have no chance to have kids of their own.

Gay Surrogacy in India

Gay Couples for Surrogacy

The following are examples of ways that surrogacy in India works for gay couples:
– For men using an egg donor which may or may not be the Indian surrogate mother:

  • Using the sperm of one
  • Using both their sperms

– For women using a sperm donor:

  • Using eggs from one
  • Using both their eggs

Remember that more than one fertilized egg is injected into the surrogate mother to increase the chance of pregnancy, so a lot of options can be explored regarding this method. Gay couples interested in surrogacy are advised to extensively discuss the procedure and possible situations with the Indian surrogacy expert in order to find the best way to undergo the process, keeping in mind the health histories of all parties involved.

Why India as a Destination for Gay Surrogacy?

  • Many surrogacy agencies in India offer services to gay couples who do not want to miss out on the opportunity to become parents.
  • While this is frowned upon in some countries, India has a liberal view on providing this chance to gay couples.
  • Gay surrogacy in India is legally permitted, so gay couple seeking the joys of parenthood confidently head to this country to fulfill their dreams.
  • The cost of gay surrogacy in India depends on which processes have to be done, but usually the savings can be up to 40% compared to having the procedure done in western countries.
  • This is because India has a much lower cost of living, and this affords them to offer the same quality of services for much lower costs.
India Surrogacy Center
  • Gay surrogacy agencies in India use fool-proof screening and testing methods.
  • They also provide excellent health care to the women carrying the baby during the pregnancy.
  • The agencies are experienced in dealing with medical tourists, and communication does not become a problem since the staff members and medical team speak excellent English.

Trip Planner

Sending frozen sperms or eggs through courier is possible, however going there personally to have them extracted fresh increases the chance for success. A gay couple needs to go to India once or twice during the surrogacy procedure. The following are some tips to help couples plan their trip to India.

  • Surrogacy clinics can be contacted directly. However medical tourism agencies can provide excellent services that can take care of other needs during the whole process
  • Research about your local country’s laws regarding the process of bringing the child back after he or she is born
  • Coordinate constantly with the surrogacy clinic or medical tourism agency in order to get the best flight and hotel deals for your stay in India
  • Look up the qualifications and experiences of the doctor and clinic you want to work with, and you can also seek for references – couples who have done the same process in the past
  • Search online for feedback from other couples who have formerly used the services of gay surrogacy programs in India so you may learn from their experiences and to be able to plan your own

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