Immediate Load Dental Implants in Costa Rica – Video

The video shows a top prosthodontist from Costa Rica explaining what immediate load dental implants in Costa Rica entail.



“It sometimes is called same day implants as well, which is a misconception of the the name, but they’re actually the same thing, in which you will place the implants, you will do the surgical procedure for the placement of the implants and within the same week while the patient is here, he will also receive a crown on top of that. Most of the times that crown is made of a temporary material…or sometimes it can also be done with permanent porcelain crown on top.

As with any other implants, this could be done with a single implant, with two implants, three implants or we do full mouth set of implants. What’s most important about of the immediate load, that people need to know is that it works, it’s something that we’re doing on everyday basis but that is not for everyone. And we’re gonna discuss why it is not for everyone.

People need to know that just because a friend got it done that doesn’t mean that may be they can have it done also. It depends, it is very important that bone height, the quality of the bone, we have four different types of bones in the mouth, the first being the poorest and the last one being the best quality because it’s a bone that it’s harder, it’s more stiff and it also has more blood irrigation.
So basically that has a great bone height, a very good or top quality of the bone.  a patient that has never smoked in their life or is smoking now, that obviously is a very good candidate for immediate load. A patient that smokes, a patient with poor bone height, with poor bone quality is a sort of patient where we wouldn’t recommend immediate load because the risks are so high.

The success rate of a traditional implant – a traditional implant meaning when you place an implant and you wait 3 or four months healing period for the process in which the bone cells and the titanium become one. That has a  success rate of over 98% which means 98 of out of 100 implants are successful which is…with immediate load those numbers drop, especially if you’re not doing it the way you should.

Success rate with immediate load when you know what you’re doing should be around 85-90%. The numbers drop a little bit but it is still enough, good success for you to risk it and do it. If you start compromising and do immediate load in patients where the bone quality was not the best, or the bone height was not the best, or the overall condition of the patient for example, being a smoker are involved, their numbers will drop and will drop anywhere to 70% lower, okay. It’s a procedure that we do very often, it’s a great procedure, it saves time, prevent the patient from having to do a second trip. But, if the case is not the best, if you don’t select the patient properly, then you can start having problems. So, any of both procedures are great, selection of the patient is what’s most important.”

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