Hysterectomy Surgery by Gynaecologic Oncologist – Turkey

In this video, a renowned professor of obstetrics and gynaecology talks about his education and experience.

Gynaecologic Oncologist from Turkey specializes in hysterectomy surgery for liver tumor treatments. He is a graduate from Rakya University School of Medicine, Turkey and has done his postgraduate clinical training from Graz University School of Medicine, Austria.  He has got considerable work experience in his field.

Check out this video of the surgeon where he shares his qualification and experience along with quality of the operations performed in the hospital.

Following is the video narration of cancer surgeon – Turkey

“I am associate professor of obstetrics and gynaecology. I am gynaecologic oncologist. I have completed my residence training in Austria. I was eight years…. in Austria and also 2 years I worked in Austria as a specialist. Thereafter, I was at a university clinic in Turkey and I am working in this hospital since six years. I am visiting a number of congresses each year and also I was in Sloan Kettering cancer centre in New York for a few weeks for post graduate education.

We do, mostly our operations are gynaecological operations laparoscopically. We do hysterectomies,……., stress urinary incontinence operations we do also laparoscopically. But some of our patients desire open surgery. In this case we do also open surgery. But if the patients has no special desire, we do most of our operations, eighty to eighty five percent we do laparoscopic operations. I mean especially hysterectomies but for a cyst surgery we do extremely rare open surgery and also we do hysteroscopic surgeries successfully. We use also different modalities for hysteroscopic surgery.

We do also cancer cases or we operate all gynaecological cancer patients laparoscopically also. We do these operations in a good quality and as a quality control we can give our patient’s endoscopic operation film after at the end of the operations or after the operation we can give these films on a CD. Each patient we operate must be recorded and on DVD we can give our patient’s film as a quality.
We have high quality instruments and technological, the use of technology in this hospital is really very good.

Most of these patients has benign disease uterus myomas or bleeding abnormalities which cannot be treated by medication. In this case, if the patient has also desire for the hysterectomy, we do hysterectomy. Some patients have uterine myomas, some patients have accompanied other problems benign cyst which can be also followed, the patient has also desire for removing of this cyst.

We have, most of our international patients are coming from neighbouring countries for example Romanian or Bulgarian or…….and also from ….On the other hand we have some patients from Germany since I can speak very good German, since I have completed my residence training in Austria, some of German patients is coming to us.”

The surgeon in the above video performs gynecologic procedures laparoscopically.  Apart from hysterectomy, he also performs Cyst Surgery, urinary stress incontinence surgery, and myomectomy.

A recorded CD or DVD of the operation is given to patient at the end of the surgery to ensure the quality of the procedure.

Patients from various international destinations like Germany as well as from neighbouring countries like Romania or Bulgaria, come to Turkey for Hysterectomy Surgery, as gynaecologic oncologists in Turkey are internationally trained and hospital are well-equipped with latest technology.

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