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How Does Lap Band Surgery Work?

Ever wonder how a lap band works? Gastric lap band weight loss surgery is a safe and quick surgery procedure for people are obese and have a BMI of over 40. Below is an interview with Dr. Thomas Umbach, Fellow of American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, and voted one of the top American surgeons for lap band weight loss surgery. In this video, Dr. Umbach explains the workings of the lap band, and how it helps in effective weight loss.

Parts of a Lap Band Device

A lap band is a three part device, put totally inside the patient via a laparoscopic surgery. It is an inflatable silicone device that is
placed around the top portion of the stomach, via laparoscopic surgery, in order to treat obesity. Once a lap band goes inside, it stays there for life. As it is made with silicone, it is completely safe for the human body and triggers no allergic reactions or discomforts at all.

A lap band has three parts:

1.    A band which is placed around the top of the stomach.

2.    A tube.

3.    A port.

How Does the Lap Band Work?

Once the lap band is fitted inside the body, it is adjusted by the surgeon. With the help of its parts, the lap band starts working immediately. The main function of the lap band is to restrict food intake and ensure that the person does not eat much. The lap band decreases the size of the stomach passage which means that less food is required to fill it up.

Post a lap band surgery, less food intake with a combination of exercises helps obese people lose weight in a safe, healthy and natural manner.

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