Jordan Hospitals

Jordan, apart from being a popular tourist destination, also bears the proud title of being the top medical healthcare provider in the Arab region, and fifth, around the world, awarded by a study conducted by World Bank in 2008. Coupled with immense support from the Jordanian government, hospitals in Jordan are aplenty and soundly equipped with state of the art equipment and highly qualified doctors.

JCI Accredited Hospitals in Jordan
Leading Hospitals in Jordan

With treatment costs falling as low as just 25 percent of the cost in the U.S., it is not surprising that Jordan played host to over 250,000 patients in 2008.

The fact that Jordan places a high value on healthcare can be seen by the high life expectancy in the country, 78.55 years, which is amongst the highest in the world. Also, English is widely spoken around the country, facilitating easy communication.

Apart from cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dentistry, Jordan is also known for its world class neurological surgery, kidney replacements, cardiac surgery and orthopedics. Also a large number of doctors and surgeons in the leading hospitals in Jordan are trained in prestigious institutions abroad, and hence can be expected to have considerable skill and experience. In fact, a 2004 report claimed that patients often chose Jordan as their medical destination due to the expertise of the physicians.

Overview of Hospitals and Clinics in Jordan

Most hospitals in Jordan are concentrated in Amman, and many boast of international accreditation. Some of the popular hospitals situated in Jordan include the King Hussein Cancer Center, which also happens to be one of the top cancer treatment centers in the world. More information can be obtained on the King Hussein Cancer Center web page.

Another notable establishment is the Specialty Hospital, located in Amman,which has been successfully serving patients since 1993. International accreditation apart, Specialty Hospital also provides the best in terms of technology and expertise.

Jordan Hospital is another JCI accredited hospital, complete with a highly trained and experienced staff. Providing multispecialty care, Jordan Hospital also provides extremely attractive rates, which are approved by the government as well as the Jordan Medical Association.More information can be obtained on the Jordan Hospital web page.

With the Jordanian government going the extra mile for facilitating foreigners to receive medical treatment fast and securely, Jordan is the ideal choice for medical treatment abroad.

International & Domestic Accreditations of Jordan Hospitals

Jordan has several hospitals with international accreditations such as Joint Commission International, as well as the required ISO certification. Also a number of these hospitals are staffed by doctors who are America board certified; increasing the level of expertise and experience they have to offer.

Apart from international accreditations, numerous Jordanian hospitals are also recipients of HCAC, which stands for Health Care Accreditation Council, accreditation. The HCAC is Jordan’s domestic accreditation system, which has been monitoring and improving health care in Jordan since 2007. HCAC is accredited by ISQua itself, which is recognized as a high level accreditation of quality even by the American Medical Association.

Jordan Hospitals, Clinics & Medical Center as Arab Medical Tourism Hub

Jordan hopes to dominate the Middle East health care scene, with a goal of earning a billion dollars in annual revenue for the ministry of health, by 2010. With thousands of patients, from numerous Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, Syria, Yemen and many others, coming in for regular treatment, hospitals in Jordan have clearly established their high competence. The country is also keenly pursuing efforts to attract more tourists from nearby countries, which include training hospital staff to communicate in English, Arabic and even Russian, offering high quality and cheap services, as well as package deals including air fare, and also the setting up of a specialized government counter at the airport, to aid medical tourists.

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