Heart Valve Repair Surgery in India

Many people bothered by serious medical issues like heart valve problems are low on hope due to the high cost of the treatment, which makes it beyond the reach of many. Heart valve repair surgery in India is much cheaper as compared to the west, and makes an excellent option for patients, who find the surgery too expensive back home. Check out what this cardiac surgeon has to say about the valve repair surgery in India.

Following is the video narration.

Education and Experience in Heart Surgery in India

“Education is MBBS, DNB general surgery and DNB cardiac surgery, MBBS in general surgery from Madras Medical College. DNB cardiac surgery from …hospital Chennai and I did my American Board from Boston University. I did my fellowship in pediatric cardiac surgery from Boston children’s …. is Harvard University. And then minimal access and heart failure and cardiac transplantation from the Cleveland Clinic Ohio.

I would probably like to emphasize that in the field of cardiac surgery one of the USPs that I represent is minimal access. I have …..for basically doing minimal access cardiac surgery and thoracic surgery. So trying to get down to doing nose …..CABGs or endoscopic valve replacements, valve repairs and trying to go more towards a keyhole or endoscopic approach to cardiac surgery in general.”

Minimally Invasive Heart Valve Surgery India

“In addition, I also do fair amount of pediatric surgery but I like to stay more focused on minimal access cardiac surgery. I think international patients procedure, we can broadly divide it into different sub sections. If we go with cardiac surgery, if you look at the western world, they do need a lot of minimal access valve repair surgery. The tendency for most third world countries is to replace valves whereas in the United States, Canada they do a lot of repair work. So that is something that we can offer because of my expertise …….

We do around 5000 valves in Cleveland Clinic every year. Endoscopic closure of ASDs, valve repairs, again something which is offered by very very specialized centers in the world and I think there are only handful of, only 10-15 centers in the world doing this kind of quality work.

MS Venous Angioplasty – History and Procedure in India

If we go into non cardiac, I also do basic venous angioplasties for multiple sclerosis, what is now come to be known after Zamboni as the liberation therapy or the CCSVI therapy. We have been the pioneers of that in this country; we are the first to set the ball rolling.
I think we are the third group in the world to start it after Zamboni…..

We have had good results by God’s grace so far so good. We ……..around 120 patients with excellent results.
Essentially, multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease and that’s what years of teaching ….it doesn’t have any other value to it. But Zamboni, an Italian Surgeon, his wife had multiple sclerosis and he just happened to study jugular veins and he found that there are blocks in these veins. Not all of us are born with blocks in jugular veins, so obviously there is something abnormal about this. He took 65 patients and he assessed them and found all 65 seem to have these blocks.

So he started doing angioplasties for them. It’s like routine angioplasty like any other angioplasty in the body. There is nothing special about it in the technical aspect of the procedure. The more important thing was on whom to do it. First you need to have a person with MS, proven MS by MRI. It’s not someone who has an assumption that I have MS but they should have been diagnosed by a neurologist or they should have some MRI evidence of having multiple sclerosis, number one.

Number two, there is a lot……about is balloon better, is stent better. I think there are pros and cons to both of them and only those of us who have done enough of it, we know the fallacies of the balloon. We also know what all damage a stent can do if not put in right, if you put it in the wrong patient or if you happen to be having …….and you don’t like ….and I think that comes more about after you do a lot of procedures, something which is very difficult to tell – no problems go ahead and do stents or just do balloons.”

In the video, a leading surgeon from India shares his experience in the felid of heart valve repair surgery in India. His basic interests are minimal access cardiac surgery and thoracic surgery. The surgeon also performs venous angioplasties for multiple sclerosis patients, and claims to be among the pioneers of CCSVI treatment in India. He also speaks about his education and work experience.

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