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We are interested in Surrogacy, but my husband cannot fly every month to India

Neither you (the female partner/wife) nor your husband/partner need to fly to India every month. You will need to go twice, once for donating semen, oocyte retrieval, the IVF process, and embryo transfer and the second time to bring your baby back home.

Once you produce the required test results and you qualify for surrogacy, you need to pay the consultation and administration fee along with the charges for finding a surrogate. It could take up to 4 weeks to select a surrogate.

Next, the surrogate is put on fertility drugs to synchronize her menstrual cycle with that of the genetic mother or the egg donor.

The clinic then advises you on the travel dates for you to come and have the IVF done in India. This is your first surrogacy trip to India. During this trip, semen from the male genetic parent is mixed/fertilized with the genetic mother’s or donor’s egg in the IVF process. If embryos form, they are transferred to the surrogate’s womb.

A pregnancy test is done two weeks later. If it is positive, your next trip to India need only be to get your baby back.

The intended parents are regularly sent updates about the progress of the surrogate’s pregnancy.


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