Glaucoma Surgery in Turkey

In this video a senior officer of a leading eye hospital in Turkey talks about Glaucoma surgery.

“Glaucoma is actually a disease that is very prominent among…in the population. One is to get examinations, I would say every year to check whether or not one is going to get this disease. It’s related directly to the pressure of the eye…Glaucoma examination is the pressure within the eye. So, if that’s too high or too low, eye surgeon or the eye doctor comes in and does whatever it is to prevent this, so surgery is only done in cases where we’re too late to postpone whatever it is that Glaucoma is doing to the eye.

“Glaucoma is a very serious disease that can make the sight… make the eye sight go weak. So what is needed in this case is just examination. If too late then the surgery and we’ve surgeons specifically and especially trained for Glaucoma surgery only and we’ve some of the best glaucoma surgeons in the world in our group.”

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