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FUE Hair Transplant


Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE hair transplant in Turkey is becoming more popular among foreigners looking for affordable hair replacement. Aside from Turkey’s popularity as a night-life destination in Europe, it is also becoming one of the major players in the medical tourism industry in the region. The success of medical tourism in Turkey is attributed to its world-class facilities and highly-qualified health professionals and services for much lower costs.

FUE hair transplant - Turkey

Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey

Compared to prices in other countries in Europe, hair transplant cost in Turkey is lower. This does not mean, however, that the quality of service is decreased as well. Turkey is home to some of the best facilities, and as such, getting the excellent quality for lower costs becomes attractive to medical tourists from all over the world.

Hospitals for FUE in Turkey

Some of the best hospitals to get hair transplantation are in Istanbul, Turkey. Most of their international patients come from first-world nations like the US and the UK. People from Bulgaria, Romania and other Eastern European countries also visit Turkey for medical services. Some facilities have a medical tourism team that takes care of patients from other countries, keeping in mind they mostly need extra services like travel arrangements and hotel accommodations while in the country.

The hair transplantation in Turkey, along with male and female hair transplant in India under our network, is witessing an unprecedented growth, thanks to our network of plastic and reconstructive surgery teams in Turkey which is composed of top-notch board-certified medical specialists. The service, facilities, and technology of these hospitals that offer low-cost hair transplantation in Turkey is exactly what one would expect from medical centres at par with the best international hospitals in the world.

Considerations – Before Hair Transplant Surgery in Turkey

  • Location – Where are you located? Is Turkey a short flight away from where you live? Or are there nearer options for you to get the procedure in? There are many destinations now available for medical tourists to visit without having to worry about the quality of healthcare they receive. For example, if you live in Asia, you may want to consider having hair replacement in India. For Europeans, Turkey might be the best choice because they won’t have to go outside of the continent. North Americans can go to either location, depending on other considerations they might have outside of location.
  • Budget – How much are you willing to spend? Remember travel expenses will also influence your decision on the location.
  • Purpose – Are you travelling also to discover exciting new places and cultures? Consider the climate and type of culture you want to explore. Hair transplant in Turkey will no doubt give you a lot of chance to go around town for some leisure time.

Scrumptious Turkish Food

Istanbul, Turkey as a Hair Transplant Destination

Istanbul is considered as Turkey’s business and cultural centre, even after Ankara has succeeded it as the country’s capital city. Most tourists flock to this lively European city because of its blend of historical and modern feel.

For tourists who crave the nightlife, numerous clubs and music bars are littered along the centre of the city. Some of these clubs are filled with tourists from all over Europe and North America. For those who want to explore nature, there are nearby beaches that can be visited on a day trip or overnight stays. Ferries and boats are used to travel to other neighboring islands for those who want the extra adventure.

A great advantage for patients undergoing FUE hair transplant in Turkey is that they are in the country for a procedure that does not necessarily keep them from tourist activities. Just do not forget to coordinate activities with your medical team. The medical tourism staff in Turkey hospitals can even help international patients plan out a trip that is as fun as it is medically successful.

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