International Calling

International calling is not as expensive or cumbersome as it used to be a decade ago. Today, all the major cell phone service providing companies offer affordable International Calling packages and International travel passes.

Verizon: For Americans going to Mexico Verizon has made it easy to make International calls by providing a $5 per day travel pass for phone calls. It activates the moment you make your first call and lasts for 24 hours. The minutes are deducted from your regular plan so that in case you go overboard, you are charged according to the domestic pricing. If you want to make an International call later than that, this pack will need to be reactivated again. Verizon’s Trip Planner Tool can be used to check if your cell phone is a world device. The exact details can be found on their official website.

T-Mobile: T-Mobile offers unlimited International Calling service at $15. Here, unlimited stateside mobile and landline calling, both are included, when the calls have been made from the USA, Mexico, and Canada. For detailed information, please visit the website.

AT&T: This calling service company offers an international pass at $10 per day. Here, you can avail unlimited calling, unlimited text, and even avail the continuous use of the data plan that you use back home. The exact details can be found on their official website.

Free Calling Apps

Apart from cellular calling, many iOS and Android applications have facilitated international calling free of cost! Depending on the availability of Wi-Fi or International data pack, online international calling may be cheaper, especially if you avail free Wi-Fi. Cell phone service providing companies have International data pack plans as well.

Some major applications for international calling online are Whatsapp, Skype, Viber, Line, Google Voice and Rebtel. One drawback with Skype is that the quality of voice call isn’t always good. Consider what specific needs you to want to be addressed and pick the application accordingly.

Please ensure that your friends and family have the same application downloaded because both the parties to such a call need to be using the same medium.

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