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Femoral Hernia Surgery Costs in Mexico,

India & Costa Rica

Femoral Hernia Surgery Cost Package: 2,000 – 7,000 US Dollars
{The hernia repair package cost covers all the medical and logistics costs at the destination.}

Costa Rica [USA Joint Commission International Accredited Hospitals]
India [Harvard Medical Affiliated & USA Joint Commission Accredited Hospitals]
Mexico [World Class Hospitals]

The cost of having a Femoral Hernia repair varies from 2,000 to 7,000 US dollars in the United States. Medical Tourism Corporation’s network of hospitals offers you a significantly lower cost of femoral hernia repair and treatment. You can request for a detailed estimate using the estimate request form on this page.

Femoral hernia occurs when abdominal contents, frequently, a part of the small intestine, protrudes through a weak point or a tear in the thin muscular wall of the abdomen, that holds the abdominal organs in place.

A femoral hernia is usually manifested as a grape-sized lump in the groin in the inner and upper part of the thigh. Femoral hernias are more common in women.

A femoral hernia can simply occur of its own accord, but anything that increases the pressure on this part of the body causes.herniation. A femoral hernia may become incarcerated (stuck) or strangulated (the loop of bowel loses its blood supply). A strangulated hernia can cause nausea, vomiting, and severe abdominal pain. This is a medical emergency and needs immediate treatment.

Femoral Hernia Surgery

Femoral Hernia Repair Treatment

Hernias generally get larger with time, and do not resolve on their own. If the patient’s health permits surgery, surgical repair can be performed to reduce discomfort and to prevent incarceration and strangulation.

Open surgery: An incision is made in the groin, the hernia is removed or is pushed back into the abdomen, and the weakness, through which the herniaprotruded, is repaired. The weakness is reinforced and a piece of mesh may also be stitched in place to strengthen the area.

Keyhole/laparoscopic surgery: It is performed through several small incisions. With keyhole surgery, the patient may have lesser pain after the operation. People often return to work sooner after a keyhole surgery, than if they would’ve undergone an open operation, since the wounds acquired through a keyhole surgey are smaller.

Most people are treated as day-patients, and are allowed to go home on the same day.

Low Cost Femoral Hernia Repair

If the U.S. and U.K. surgery charges are beyond your means, you could opt for low cost femoral hernia repair in countries like India, Mexico and Costa Rica. In these countries, femoral hernia surgery is available for a fraction of the cost that is charged in the United States and in the U.K.

Even though the cost of femoral hernia repair in these countries is much lower, the operating standards are on par with the best hospitals in the United States and U.K.

Femoral Hernia Repair Abroad – Hospital Stay

Almost all femoral hernia repairs are performed as an outpatient procedure , requiring a short overnight hospital stay. Patients are regularly visited by the doctors and nursing care staff.

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Medical Tourism Corporation facilitates affordable femoral hernia surgery at many international locations including Mexico, India & Costa Rica. Fill out the free estimate request form for a free quote & more information.

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