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Eye Evisceration in Cancun, Mexico

Evisceration of the eye in Cancun can save you thousands of dollars, and still meet your expectations of high quality ophthalmic surgery.

Eye evisceration is performed to take out the internal contents of the eye, which may be infected, aesthetically unappealing, or causing unbearable pain to the patient. These contents are usually replaced by an orbital implant, which serves as the artificial eye.

Eye evisceration in Cancun

Indications for Evisceration

  • Blind, painful eye
  • Endophthalmitis (Serious inflammation within the eyeball)
  • It is also sometimes indicated in the cases of a penetrating trauma
    (But evisceration for trauma cases is still controversial and accepted by all)

Savings in Cancun

By going to Cancun for medical work, most patients are able to save 50percent or more on the treatment costs.
To know the exact price for evisceration in Cancun, please specify the details of your case in the form on the right.

Advantages of Evisceration over Enucleation

  • Evisceration is simpler and faster than enucleation
  • It is a more conservative procedure
  • It allows for more socket mobility and better cosmesis
  • Bleeding in evisceration is lesser

Possible Complications

As with any surgery, there is a certain risk of complications in an eye evisceration surgery. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Infection
  • Hemorrhage
  • Socket contracture
  • Implant extrusion

The best away to avoid any complication is to get your surgery at the hands of a qualified surgeon, and to follow the post-op instructions religiously.

Cancun - Mexico
Our network surgeon in Cancun and his staff remain available for the assistance of the patients, if they encounter any unforeseen complication or problem in the surgical site.

Why Cancun?

  • It is easternmost city of Mexico, located on the Caribbean Sea, and is one of the most popular beach cities of the country
  • The cost of living in Cancun is much lower as compared to the US and Canada, and consequently medical treatments are cheaper
  • We work with highly qualified eye surgeons in Cancun, ensuring the quality of the treatment is not compromised despite the lower costs
  • All surgeries are performed at a world-class hospital, where the sterilization practices are strict and treatments modernized

Evisceration in Cancun can help improve the aesthetics and relive the pain of your problem eye without requiring you to break the bank.

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