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Men & Women Executive Physical Examination

Program – Health Check up plans – San Jose, Costa Rica


Complete Physical Examination (Internal Medicine)Physical evaluation to determine overall health X X
Nutritional AssessmentAn in-depth evaluation of the nutritional status that allows to determine the ideal diet X X
Exercise Electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) “Stress Test”To diagnose coronary artery disease, physical condition and arrhythmias X X
Chest X-Ray (one projection)Chest, lungs, heart, large arteries, ribs and diaphragm X X
Total Abdominal UltrasoundEvaluate and monitor the liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, prostate, womb and ovary X X
MammogramAllows to have a closer look for changes in breast tissue that cannot be felt during a breast exam X
Bone DensitometryIs used to measure bone loss, can diagnose osteoporosis early enough for it to be treated X
Complete Blood CountGeneral health status and to screen for variety of disorders, such as anemia X X
Total CholesterolTo determine the risk of developing heart disease X X
High-Density Lipoprotein CholesterolTo screen for unhealthy levels of lipids and to determine risk of developing heart disease X X
Low-Density Lipoprotein CholesterolConsidered the most important form in determining risk of heart disease X X
TriglyceridesTo assess the risk of developing heart disease and metabolic syndrome X X
Uric AcidUsed to learn the rate of natural breakdown of body’s cells and to help diagnose gout X X
GlucoseUsed to diagnose hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia, diabetes and pre-diabetes X X
Serum CreatinineTo determine if kidneys are functioning normally X X
Blood Urea Nitrogen(BUN)To evaluate how well protein is broken down in body and determine kidney function X X
Prostate-Specific Antigen(PSA)To screen asymptomatic and symptomatic men for prostate cancer X
SodiumTo determine sodium concentration, to help evaluate electrolyte balance and kidney function X X
Serum PotassiumTo help evaluate an electrolyte imbalance X X
Transaminase AST & ALTTo detect liver damage and/or to help diagnose liver disease X X
UrinalysisIt can help detect different metabolic and kidney disorders X X
Stool TestTo search for Pathogenic bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract X X
Upper Endoscopy (Gastroscopy)To diagnose conditions that affect the esophagus, stomach and beginning of the small intestine X X
ColonoscopyTo detect inflamed tissue, abnormal growths, or ulcers in the intestines X X
Audiology ScreeningTests the ability to hear sounds, can detect hearing loss at an early stage X X
Spirometry (Pulmonary Function Tests (PFT)Evaluates the functional capacity of the lungs, useful to detect obstructive diseases X X
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