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Dr Vivek Iyer – Dental Surgeon – India

Below is the transcript of the interview with Dr Vivek Iyer. Dr Iyer is Founder and President of White Smyle Dental Clinic & Dental Spa in India.

”I was born in Chennai and at the age of two went to the States and did my schooling. I came back to Chennai to finish my graduation in dentistry. Am a bachelor of dental surgery. And, after that, I went back to the States again to finish my course in laser dentistry from the University of Florida.

We have 23 associate dentists working with us and we have 9 departments in laser surgery like prosthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, etc. All our associate dentists have been educated in the West and in India. So, they are pretty profcient in treating American patients. For example, our implantologist is certified by the New York University; and our cosmetic dentistry specialist is again certified by the New York College of Dentistry.

Like this, our other associates too are very experienced, who are postgraduates and masters in their own fields and have been practicing dentistry for the last 15-20 years.

White Smyle Dental Spa is one of the first [dental] clinics in India which has ISO certification. As you know ISO certification is for processes, which means that the processes in the clinic are standardized like sterilization, the various protocols to be followed before and after any kind if surgical procedure.

Sterilization procedures in our clinic are very robust. We use sterilization chemicals, sterilization pouches that have a bacteria marker that change color. It shows if the material that is being used is actually sterilized. The hand towels are properly washed, sterilized.

A lot of overseas patients have inhibitions about the water being used here. Let me assure that in my White Smyle Dental Clinic, we use saline water and not tap water.

Our dental equipment is first class; 90% of our equipment is imported. For example, we have laser equipment, digital X-rays, the most modern dental chairs, LCD screens fitted to the dental chair for the personal entertainment of the patient, etc.

I have been in the US for 15-16 years. I am in a very good position to compare dental clinics in the US with that in India. In the US, there are OSHA dentistry standards. Though in India we don’t have such standards or law, the staff here [in White Smyle Dental Clinic] follow the OSHA standards.

For example, we vaccinate the staff against hepatitis, a very transferable disease. That is one of the protocols we take care of. And all the labour laws of India are also followed.

About dental implant success rate, I would like to point out a few things here. The success of implants depends on three things: (a) the type of implant design and also which company’s implant is used (b) the experience of the implantologist or implant surgeon, and (c) the treatment plan.

Now, the kind of implants that we use in White Smyle Dental Clinic are the same as that used in the United States and in Europe. For example, we use implants from Nobel Biocare and other reputed companies in the world.

As far as the experience of the implantologist goes, our implantologist has about 10-12 years experience in the field, and he’s one of the certified fellows of New York College of Dentistry.

And, since our implant team is very experienced, they always come up with good treatment plans for the implants.

Along with implants, we do a good amount of work on full mouth rehabilitation. What is full mouth rehabilitation? We place implants first, and on top of the implants, we place an over-denture. That means, we have rehabilitated the whole mouth or oral cavity.

The latest technologies that we are using at White Smyle Dental Clinic are the laser teeth whitening equipment, the intra-oral camera which shows everything that’s happening in your mouth on a screen, and you have the digital X-rays.

The language primarily used in White Smyle Dental Clinic is English. Both the clinical and the non-clinical staff are very proficient in using English as a means of communication. So, I don’t think it would be a problem for overseas patients to communicate with our staff.

In the last two or two and a half years, we have had so many overseas patients coming to White Smyle Dental Clinic for treatment. Till now, none of them have had any complaints about their safety or the safety of their belongings.”

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