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Dental Implants Jordan

If you’re thinking about traveling abroad for dental implants, Jordan is a destination worth considering. Medical tourism in Jordan has been rising in recent years, thanks to low cost medical treatment coupled with state of the art facilities. Indeed, a recent study by Jordan’s Private Hospitals Association (PHA) found that some 234,000 medical tourists sought treatment in the Kingdom in 2010. The number of foreign patients has been rising steadily and treatment requests span a range of medical disciplines including cardiology, orthopedics, dentistry and transplant surgery.

Dentistry is a popular option for people whose smile isn’t quite what they want. Problems associated with tooth loss or damage can be devastating to your self esteem as well as causing problems with talking or eating. Therefore, traveling to Jordan for dental implants can provide an affordable and high quality alternative to treatment in countries such as the US, Canada or UK.

Dental Implants in Jordan

Dental Implants – An Overview

Dental implants are a method of restorative dentistry which is used to replace missing teeth. A variety of devices are available, but the majority of those used resemble the tooth’s original root and are therefore referred to as ‘root form’ implants. Implants are generally made of a hard metal such as titanium and essentially resemble a screw which is anchored to the jaw during surgery. Over time, dental implants fuse with the bone and can then be used for the attachment of crowns, bridges or dentures.

Dental implants are popular since they provide the most natural looking tooth replacement available. Indeed, it can feel like having your own teeth back. With dental implants results are permanent, they feel more secure than traditional dentures and they are generally more cost effective than maintaining dentures over long periods of time.

Cost of Dental Implants in Jordan

Whilst dental implants are a popular solution for those looking to repair their smile, the cost of treatment in many developed countries may be out of reach of a significant number of people. Electing to have your tooth implants in Jordan however, can save you as much as 30-70% of the cost noted in many of these affluent nations. Dental tourism in Jordan represents an emerging and fast growing market with many attracted by the affordable pricing structure. Even when the cost of flights and accommodation is taken into consideration you might still make significant savings overall.

Dead Sea - Jordan

Why go for a Dental Vacation in Jordan?

The competitive cost of dental implants in Jordan isn’t the only reason that this country has become so popular for dental tourists. There are a number of other benefits for choosing your dental vacation in Jordan, some of which are listed below.

  • Jordan has an excellent reputation in the Middle East and Asia for high quality healthcare and cutting edge medical technology.
  • Jordan contributes considerable resources to equipping and maintaining its state of the art hospitals and ensuring their reputation. The country ranked fifth in the world in a survey of healthcare providers undertaken by the World Bank in 2008.
  • Of the 102 Jordan hospitals currently in operation, 59 are private, 30 are public, 11 are Royal Medical Services and the remaining 2 are University Hospitals.
  • Many of these hospitals are located within the capital city of Amman and some boast Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation. Jordan also evaluates its healthcare providers via the Healthcare Accreditation Council (HCAC) to ensure international standards of excellence.
  • Many Jordan doctors are internationally renowned and trained abroad in places such as the US, UK and other European countries.
  • There are various dental implant doctors in Jordan who are internationally trained and have a good deal of experience and expertise in the area.
  • Waiting lists are minimal and you can generally work to your own schedule.
  • Jordan has established an excellent reputation for infection control.
  • Communication shouldn’t be problematic, however, if required, language interpreters are arranged.

Once you have completed your treatment, why not add a vacation to the end of your stay? Jordan is a culturally rich and diverse region with plenty to offer the budding tourist. Jordan boasts access to the Dead Sea, the world famous city at Petra, desert castles, the River Jordan and the fabulous capital Amman. Whatever you choose, there’s something for everyone in Jordan.

If you’re thinking about opting to have dental surgery abroad, Jordan is an ideal location since treatment costs are generally significantly lower than most other first world countries. However, this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality as Jordan offers excellent medical facilities in world class hospitals. Overall, choosing your dental implants in Jordan may offer an affordable alternative to countries with more expensive treatment costs including US, UK and Canada.

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