Dental Implants and Bridges in Istanbul – Turkey

In this video, a leading dental surgeon talks about dental implants and bridges in Turkey.

The surgeon has several international publications and Turkish publications in his name.  He has also published some articles in dental magazines in Turkish. The surgeon has also been invited as speaker in several international conferences.

Check out this video where the dental specialist talks about filling up of gaps in teeth with the help of dental bridges and implants.



Following is the video narration of dental surgeon in Turkey

“When we have gaps made by several teeth or for missing teeth, on those gaps or we are placing implants as abutment and on abutment placing bridges.  Bridge means connection of two teeth by prosthesis.  We can construct bridge on abutment teeth or abutment implant.  Now a days we are concentrating on building bridge on abutment implants instead of teeth because natural tooth has a limited time as a serving time but implants can be used for all life, so service time for implants are better to the natural  tooth.

I have 30 international publications published on dental journals especially on implants dedicated to dental implants and have several articles published in scientific and dental Turkish magazine journals.  I have more than 80 Turkish publications.

Lastly we have organized a conference on dental laser and have got success and also I have participated internationally as conference national and international speaker. Invited speaker in most of them.”

Dental implants and bridges are one of the most appropriate solutions of dental problems.  In this video, dental surgeon explains how implants are placed as abutment and bridges on abutments.  He also talks about constructing a bridge, abutment teeth, or abutment implant.

Patients from various countries come to turkey for placement of dental implants and bridges.  One of the major reasons why many dental patients come here is the low cost of dental treatment.  However, low cost does not compromise with the quality of the treatment, as well-trained doctors and state of art facilities in the hospitals make it an appropriate option for dental tourists.

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