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Cranioplasty Surgery Abroad

Cranioplasty Surgery Cost Package:
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International Destinations: India, Jordan, Mexico, South Korea, and Turkey

Cranioplasty abroad is offered at greatly reduced costs, compared to what patients might find back home, patients do not have to be a part of a long waiting list and patients who find sub-standard facilities in their own country have the option of getting treatments at hospitals that have reputed international quality accreditations like JCI and ISO. For people who cannot afford a cranioplasty surgery in their own country, do not want to be a part of long medical waiting lists or feel that the facilities are sub-standard in their home country, can opt for a cranioplasty abroad. Cranioplasty is the surgical repair of a defect or deformity of a skull. Almost as ancient as trepanation, the procedure has a fascinating history and is probably one of the earliest known surgical procedures. ( The surgery procedure as we know it today, came into being in the 20th century. Cranioplasty is a reconstructive surgery of large defects in the frontal and neuro-cranial areas of the skull, that were caused by trauma or intracranial surgery. If the brain’s protective bones are missing, it is only covered with skin, scar tissue, and meninges. The major purpose of cranioplasty surgery is to provide protection for the brain.

Cranioplasty Surgery

As cranioplasty is a surgery of the brain, (the most sensitive of human organs), it is complicated, and requires a surgeon with certain skill sets, and who is highly experienced. The surgery involves the use of a bone graft to repair a gap or defect in the vault of the skull. The graft is done using bone from the pelvis, ribs, or part of an adjacent skull bone. Even suitable synthetic materials can be used. Cranioplasty is both a cosmetic surgery as well as one used for neurological improvement.

Let’s look at cranioplasty more closely. On this page you will find a brief on cranioplasty, what all the procedure involves as well as a note on cranioplasty surgery abroad with special emphasis on India which has emerged as a leading world medical tourism center.

A Brief on Cranioplasty

Cranioplasty is the surgical correction of skull defects to protect the brain, to normalize intracranial pressure relationships, alleviating neurological signs resulting from cranial bony defects, and to provide appropriate cosmetic result. Complications are relatively common after cranioplasty. Infection and resorption are two common complications and both complications are more common when the defects are large. Performed under general anesthesia, a cranioplasty surgery takes 2-3 hours and recovery period can vary from 1 week to two weeks.

Risks Associated with Cranioplasty Surgery

Being a surgery of the brain, cranioplasty is complicated and not without its share of risks and after-effects. Following are some more common risks associated with a cranioplasty:

  • Infections
  • Inflammation
  • Brain injury
  • Prolonged recovery time

To make sure that there are minimal after-effects and as less cranioplasty complications as possible, it is important to entrust the surgery to a surgeon who is vastly experienced and well versed.

A Brief on the Cranioplasty Surgery Procedure

Cranioplasty is performed under general anesthesia and the skull defect repaired, using a bone from the patient’s body which would have been removed at an earlier surgery and preserved, or by using bone from elsewhere as a graft. The bones bounding the pelvis, ribs and even a part of adjacent skull bone can be used.

Another way of repairing the gap or defect in the skull is by using synthetic materials. Materials such as tantalum, silastic and other similar material manufactured for the express purpose of implantation into the body can also be used.

A cranioplasty surgery is usually followed by a hospital stay of a week or two.

Cranioplasty Abroad

Insufficient funds, no insurance, lack of advanced medical facilities and/or long waiting lists in their home country are some of the reasons which make the option of getting a cranioplasty surgery abroad, very appealing. Many world countries including India, Mexico, Jordan, Costa Rica, Thailand and Malaysia have emerged as preferred locations for patients who want to travel overseas for treatments. the cost of a cranioplasty abroad is a fraction of what one would pay in countries like the U.S., Canada and U.K., there is virtually no waiting time and the medical facilities are as advanced as they are in the western nations.

Cranioplasty in India

When it comes to a cranioplasty surgery abroad, India is one of preferred destinations, thanks to its advanced medical centers, top drawer facilities, affordable costs and experienced surgeons. Most of the doctors in India train in .t.he U.S. or U.K., and are well equipped for handling cases of almost any type.

Reduced costs are one of the biggest and most attractive reasons for people to turn to India when they require a cranioplasty. The operation costs a maximum of US $ 3,500 – $3,800, which, even when airfare, accommodation and other miscellaneous expenses are added, is a fraction of what one would pay in the U.S. or U.K. Other reasons are, there is no waiting time and patients requiring a cranioplasty surgery are attended to immediately, and the medical facilities offered are advanced and world class.

When looking for a hospital for cranioplasty surgery abroad or cranioplasty in India, ensure that the hospital is accredited and has a proven track record. Also, make sure that the source is worth your time, money and efforts. Try and settle on a hospital which is in the metropolitan areas and with a staff which has no problems communicating in English. Finding all these factors in India is never a problem, and this is the reason, India has become most sought after and the preferred destination for medical tourism.

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