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Cost of Surrogacy in India

Surrogacy in IndiaThe cost of surrogacy in India can be as low as 50% of what it costs in Australia, the US, Canada, the UK and other countries in Europe.

The price difference is so huge that couples wanting to have their own baby are travelling to South Asia to avail the services of India’s foremost surrogacy experts and well-screened Indian surrogate mothers. There is no question that surrogacy now adds a huge chunk of success to India’s medical tourism industry.

Types of Surrogacy

Traditional Surrogacy – Also called “Natural Surrogacy” – this is when the male’s sperm is used (through IVF) to inseminate the surrogate, resulting to a baby that is genetically related to the male parent and the surrogate mother, but not to the intended mother.

Gestational Surrogacy – The most common type of surrogacy because it results to a baby genetically related to a male-female couple. Their own eggs and sperms are used in the fertilization process, then the embryo is transferred to the surrogate’s womb for her to carry the baby for the duration of the pregnancy.

Couples who need an egg donor can bring their donor along, or may opt to also pay for an Indian egg donor for IVF procedure.

Why Low Cost for Surrogacy in India?

Gateway of India - MumbaiThe usual impression of low-priced services or goods is that they are of low quality. However, India’s leading surrogacy clinics can boast of success rates that are at par, or even higher, than those in its first-world counterparts. Couples from around the world seek the services of India’s surrogacy doctors, with their impeccable qualifications and long history of working with patients of different nationalities.

The main reason they are able to offer much lower prices is just the over-all lower cost of living in their country compared to countries in North America and Europe. Travelers to India also find that hotel accommodation rates, transportation, food, and even shopping cost much lower in this country.

Surrogacy Packages in India

Aside from the already affordable costs, many surrogacy clinics have also started to offer packages that include the different procedures that have to be done in the surrogacy process. Packages for surrogacy in India may include: surrogate mother fees, lab tests, work ups, pregnancy costs, delivery costs, medical fees, legal documents, the IVF process costs, etc.


The surrogacy cost in India may be the lowest in the world. With the excellence of their success rates and the way they treat their patients as partners throughout the journey, it is not hard to see why thousands of couples from Australia, the US, the UK and other West European countries are going there to seek the help of Indian surrogacy clinics to help them start a family.


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