Gastric Bypass Surgery Mexico,

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Gastric Bypass Package Cost: 5,990~13,000 US Dollars
Mini Gastric Bypass Price Abroad: 5,000~13,000 US Dollars
{Gastric Bypass quote covers all the at destination medical & logistics costs}

Costa Rica [USA Joint Commission International Accredited Hospital]
India [Harvard Medical Affiliated & USA Joint Commission Accredited Hospital]
Mexico [Choice of many Hospitals & Clinics]
Belgium [Popular Medical Tourism Hospitals]

The average cost of a gastric bypass surgery (using laparoscopy) in the United States is about 25,000 US Dollars. Our network of hospitals has a significantly lower price.

You can request a detailed estimate using the estimate request form on this page. Weight loss surgery in Mexico, India, Belgium can help a patient save thousands in treatment costs.

The cost of gastric bypass in reputed international hospitals in Mexico, Costa Rica, Thailand, India & some other countries can be about 60 to 70 % lower than the cost in USA.

In this weight loss procedure a small stomach pouch is created, to curb the food intake, by stapling a portion of the stomach. The favorable effects of the gastric bypass surgery, includes reduced hunger which in turn, promotes healthy weight loss. Gastric bypass surgery not only restricts the amount that a patient can eat, but also limits the absorption of some calories. The weight loss may take about one year to become evident.

Gastric Bypass

Cost of gastric bypass vs. lap band

Very often, people compare the cost of gastric bypass with lap band. The cost of conducting a gastric bypass surgery is more than a lap band, since the procedure is much more complex.

Clinical trials show, that lap band surgery patients experience less significant weight loss results than gastric bypass patients. Although, when compared over a period of 5 years the weight loss benefits are nearly the same.

Anesthesia & Blood Transfusion

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia.

Hospital Stay & post-operative care

Four to six days of hospital stay is necessary and it would take about, 3 to 6 weeks to get back to work. After the procedure, one needs to follow an appropriate dietary plan and a fitness regimen.

Benefits of lap gastric bypass surgery

  • Weight loss is more predictable and usually maintained well. In one year, the weight loss could be, an average of 65% to 70% of the excess body weight.
  • Other medical conditions associated with over weight, like, back pain, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, swelling in legs, high cholesterol and, urinary incontinence conditions also improve considerably.

Gastric Bypass Surgery in Mexico

  • Short flights from most North American cities.
  • Prices comparable to India – among the cheapest in the world.
  • Trained bariatric surgeons who have performed hundreds of Gastric Bypass (RNY) Surgeries.

Beach Cancun Mexico

Gastric Bypass Surgery in India

  • Offers the lowest prices
  • Safe country with acceptance for westerners
  • Many US & UK trained weight loss surgeons
  • Many JCI accredited hospitals.

Mangueshi Temple Goa, India

An easy medical trip can be planned with assistance of a reputed medical tourism company that can take care of all your needs related to having a low cost weight loss surgery in Mexico, India, Costa Rica, Belgium, Thailand or other popular medical destinations abroad. Affordable gastric bypass in these destinations, can be combined with a nice vacation, if your doctor permits.

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