Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery in India

Coronary artery bypass surgery in India can be availed at reasonable prices, that too, without waiting long. Check out what this cardiac surgeon from India has to say about minimally invasive coronary bypass surgery in India.

Following is the video narration.

Education and Experience

“I have done my MBBS, MS, MCH cardiac surgery from Maharashtra, India. Then I went to Delhi, worked in All India Institute and Escorts Heart Institute and I started program at St. Stephens Hospital Delhi. Then I went to Europe. I worked in Barcelona and Rome, Italy. Then I was a consultant in ……

“Then I came back, worked in different hospitals in Mumbai, 6-7 hospitals in Mumbai and now I have joined ….. hospital as a full time cardiac surfgeon for last three years.

“I do all adult cardiac surgeries and I am specialized in beating heart coronary bypass surgery, it’s called  off-pump coronary bypass surgery. I do minimally invasive coronary artery surgery which is called as MICAS. Then vascular surgeries, valves and I am trained in endoscopic surgeries also.”

Heart Bypass Surgery Procedure India- Highlights

“Patients come from all over the globe. They come from US, UK, Africa, Middle-East and eastern part of the world also. Mainly they come for coronary bypass surgery but they do come for valve and vascular surgeries also.

“This hospital is JCI accreditated so the standards of this hospital is at par with international hospitals including US and UK because there are only 150 hospitals of that kind in all over the world. To maintain that standard you need to have certain things in the hospitals including patient safety. So it is at par with all with international standards, with all other hospitals and we can deliver goods equal or better than others.

“As you know the infrastructure cost is less in India than western countries, developed countries , the cost of one surgery comes down to say maximum 15-20,000 dollars as compared to 50,000 dollars in a private set up in US. So it makes a lot of difference and like in NIH, in UK is a long wait list so the patient waits four to five years to get operated, three to four years sometimes and that can be cut off and we can get patients earlier also here, which is also cheaper. The stay and all which is included in 15-20,000 dollars.”

In the video, a leading surgeon shares his experience in the field of minimally invasive coronary bypass surgery. He explains the procedure of the treatment in India and also talks about his education and experience.

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