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Commercial Surrogacy in India

Many couples who have a difficult time getting pregnant consider surrogacy as a way to finally realize their dreams of starting a family. However, the expense related to this process is often exorbitant in their home countries, a huge reason why many of them travel halfway around the world to avail commercial surrogacy in India.

Commercial Surrogacy in India

Coming to the cost of surrogacy procedure in India, there are many expenses to think about: agency fees, doctors’ fees, medical tests and procedures costs, legal fees, etc. However there is a huge difference between the prices of these steps between western countries and India. The cost of surrogacy in India can be less than half of what it would usually cost in the US or Canada.

Highlights of Surrogacy Programs in India

There are many reasons why couples go to India for their surrogacy needs:

  • The cost is very less compared to that in western countries
  • The quality of work is the same as in first-world countries
  • Indian doctors specializing in surrogacy have impressive qualifications and training; many of them work in clinics with international accreditation
  • Several reputed surrogacy clinics in India boast of impressive infrastructure.
  • The medical teams and their staff members speak excellent English, and deal with foreigners on a regular basis
  • The couple can undergo surrogacy in India and simultaneously plan a sight-seeing holiday in this beautiful Asian country
  • The clinics are very helpful in assisting medical tourists with other plans, they might have, while in the country

Qualifications for Surrogacy in India

Surrogacy in India is often considered by:

  • Heterosexual couples who have exhausted other means of getting pregnant, with no positive results
  • Gay couples who want to have a child of their own
  • Single people who want the chance of raising a child
    India’s surrogacy programs are open to helping everyone who is willing to work with them throughout the process; many of these people travel from their home countries where this process is not legal for people in their situation. The medical team meets with them, assesses their needs, and explains to them the process by which the result can be achieved.

Travelling to India for Surrogacy

Average flight times to India from different points in the globe:

  • US to India – 20 hours
  • London to India – 10 hours
  • Australia to India – 14 hours

Many people have found that acquiring the services of an Indian surrogate mother is the answer to their dream of starting a family. To find out if it is also for you, look up the best professionals in this field and coordinate with them in order to start your journey. Considering the savings you will get with excellent-quality services from experienced and highly-qualified Indian health professionals, commercial surrogacy in India may be what you have been looking for.

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