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Cervical Laminectomy – Korea

Cervical Laminectomy is a surgical treatment of spinal stenosis, a condition in which compression of spinal cord occurs.  It is done to relieve pain in the cervical region that has not been helped by non-surgical conservative treatments. It is often an elective procedure rather than an emergency surgery.

Medical Tourism Co has networked with a pre-screened, renowned hospital in South Korea to offer affordable spine treatments like cervical laminectomy, scoliosis treatment, spinal tumor removal, and artificial disc replacement in Korea. This East Asian country provides cost saving options for people who are not able to pay for such treatments in their own country.

Hospital in Korea for Cervical Laminectomy Surgery

  • JCI accredited hospital that:
    • Is the first specialized hospital to be accredited by Joint Commission International.
    • Was selected as one of World’s Top 10 Hospitals for Medical Tourists by the U.S. Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA).
    • Follows a minimally invasive treatment principle to provide shorter hospital stay and less recovery time to the patients.
    • Has instructed spinal surgeons around the world, such as USA, Europe etc, in the latest medical treatments through invited lectures and seminars.
    • Has a complete range of sophisticated, state of the art, imaging, and diagnostic equipment.
  • A team of highly experienced neurosurgeons performs the surgery.

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Cervical Laminectomy - Korea

Preparations for Decompressive Laminectomy Surgery in Korea

  • Patients considering spine surgery in Korea will be required to fill up a medical questionnaire.
  • Imaging techniques such as MRI Scan, X-ray, CT scans, etc are used to determine the location and intensity of compression.
  • A complete physical examination is required to ensure the patient’s eligibility to undergo the operation.
  • Once the surgery is decided, complete preparatory guidance will be provided to the patients.

Korea Medical Tourism Advantages

  • Healthcare cost in Korea is cheaper than many countries such as USA, Canada, and England.
  • The official site of Korea Tourism Organization states that Korea is fast rising as a medical tourism destination.
  • It also says that the country has state-of-the-art medical institutions, highly qualified medical practitioners, and advanced level of oriental medicine.
  • Korea is especially recognized in the fields of various surgical procedures, including plastic surgery, ophthalmic treatments, and spine-related surgery.
  • No waiting lines.

Ancient Building at the Palace of Korea

Useful Country Information

Medical tourists considering spine surgery at Seoul may find the following information useful:

  • Airport: The airports are:
    • Incheon International Airport (ICN)
    • Gimpo International Airport (GMP)
  • Emergency numbers:
    • Medical Emergency 129
    • Police: 112
  • Entry requirements: Passport is required. Visa is not required by citizens of USA for a stay upto 90 days. Citizens of Canada can visit Korea without a visa for a stay shorter than 180 days. For other countries, please contact us.
  • Currency exchange: Won is the currency of the country. Currency exchange counters are available at the airports.
  • Time Zone: South Korea is +9 hours GMT.
  • Dialing code: Country code is 82 and city code of Seoul is 2.

International travelers who are in search of quality treatment for their spine problems may consider cervical laminectomy in Korea. Apart from spinal decompression, Medical Tourism Co offers surgical treatments for various other spinal problems such as artificial disc replacement, spinal fusion, and scoliosis treatment in Korea.

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