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CCSVI Liberation Therapy


Are you looking for quality CCSVI liberation therapy at low rates?
Pause and check out this video of a leading Indian Surgeon specializing in CCSVI. You can also go through this video narration about CCSVI Liberation therapy in India.

Following is the video narration.

Education and Experience in the CCSVI

“I did my education as far as neurology is concerned from All India Institute of Medical Sciences which is the largest public sector hospital in the country and a tertiary referral center for…. Excellence and research. I did my training in neuro muscular disorders from France in St. Patrick hospital and I have attended a large number of national and international conferences. And I have been regularly delivering lectures in various neurological disorders particularly…And multiple sclerosis across the country.

Recently we have observed that patients of multiple sclerosis have got some abnormal venous communications inside their neck. We found that their veins in the neck as well as sometimes in their chest are narrower than they should be and this results in an observation what we call as chronic cerebro spinal venous insufficiency – CCSVI for short. There has been a theory that this stenosis is associated with the actual pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis.

There is reflux of blood at the level of these stenosis into the brain. This somehow tends to damage the blood brain barrier. And therefore cause some deposition of Iron inside the brain, which causes some autoimmune process to be excited causing the lapses and remissions with patients of multiple sclerosis.”

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment in India

“So we have been doing this so called “liberation procedure” in our hospital for about three months now and we have done more than 60 cases. Most of these patients are from different part of the world, Canada, US, Denmark, UK, Mauritius, Taiwan and these patients have different levels and different stages of multiple sclerosis.

We evaluate these patients in detail by doing a very thorough examination followed by an MRI for brain, the spine and an MR venogram of the brain and neck…
After the MR venogram we evaluate these patients by a Venous Doppler. This venous doppler is a dynamic scan which evaluates not only the presence or absence of stenosis but it also tends to see whether this stenosis is associated with reflux, which I was just talking about. Once we are satisfied then we take up these patients for a digital venography and venplasty, to dilate these obstructive veins.”

In the video, the surgeon from India talks about his experience in CCSVI treatment, which is known to benefit patients of mulitple sclerosis. CCSVI liberation therapy in India can be availed at lower cost as compared to western countries. The surgeon talks about the treatment procedure and features of Multiple Sclerosis treatment in India, and also disccuses his education and qualifications.

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