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Friends and Relatives Refinancing Medicaid Save for Surgery Crowdfunding Moneypool *Click on the image to know more. Nearly 1 in 5 credit reports contain a medical bill in collections[1]Nearly 1 in 5 credit reports contain a medical bill in collections View in Article. Unpaid health care bills lower credit score, thus making it difficult to […]


Refinancing is a good option for individuals who require money for their medical treatment, including weight loss surgery, and are dealing with shortage of finances. Refinancing helps you rearrange the elements of your liabilities in an appropriate manner via which you can get hold of your finances. It also makes your repayment cycle more systematic […]

Disclaimer: Results may vary. We do not guarantee any specific outcomes. Gestational Surrogacy in India – India surrogacy trip experience of Nivie and Jae Llyod from Beverly Hills, California. Surrogacy in India – Testimonial by US couple. Three part videos series in which the Atlanta coupe shares the experience of India Surrocacy program. Surrogacy, India: The Carltons […]

Question – How are India egg donors selected? Answer – Our egg donors are below 30 years. They are screened thoroughly for infectious diseases like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, VDRL and genetic conditions. A Thalessemia screening is also done. Any specific genetic testing can be done at additional cost. Resources: Surrogacy in India Surrogate Mother India […]

Question – Do you know if I can notify the airline of the addition of the baby to my flight plans whilst I am in India? Answer – Yes. Resources: Surrogacy in India Surrogate Mother India Gestational Surrogacy India Surrogacy Cost in India Gay Surrogacy in India Surrogacy Services to Lesbians India Surrogacy FAQs Medical Tourism […]

Question – Will you help me with the US consulate paperwork in India and tell me what is required? Answer – Yes. Our partner fertility clinic will guide you on the paperwork required for getting a passport for your baby. Resources: Surrogacy in India Surrogate Mother India Gestational Surrogacy India Surrogacy Cost in India Gay […]

Question – Does the clinic provide directions or handle the paperwork for the baby’s Parental Order (adoption). We haven’t a clue where to start and appreciate some advice. Answer – The clinic does not handle the paperwork for the baby’s adoption. However, it may find out certain details to help you in the process. Resources: […]

Question – How long is the whole protocol from down regulation to embryo implantation? Answer – Approx. 6 weeks. However, the egg donor/genetic mother is required to be in India only for 15 days. The down regulation requires her to be on tablets only and does not require any monitoring. Resources: Surrogacy in India Surrogate Mother […]

Question – How long will I have to stay in India when I go the first time? Answer – Intended fathers will need to stay in India for about 3-5 days, depending on the dates suggested by the clinic. In case of self IVF Surrogacy or genetic mothers using their own eggs, it will be about […]

Question – Once we are given an expected date of arrival of the baby, I understand we need to book our flights to India. But what happens if the baby comes late? Is the surrogate motherinduced? Answer – In case the baby is late, we may induce it. The doctors/obstetricians/gynecologists make that decision. Resources: Surrogacy in […]

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