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Fat transfers can be the ultimate fountain of youth when gravity starts to affect one’s body, but cosmetic surgery in the United States is expensive and may cause your medical bills to hit the roof. However, fat transfer in Costa Rica can be obtained at a fraction of the American prices. The leading Costa Rican hospitals are […]


Cost Why Costa Rica? Surgeon Types Candidacy vs Liposuction Procedure Timeline Recovery Safety Tourism FAQs Do you want to get rid of your excess and stubborn fat? But does it cost a fortune in your home country? Worry not! Tummy tuck in Costa Rica comes as your savior at 50-60% lower prices than the west. […]

Over 119,000 buttock augmentations were recorded worldwide as surveyed by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (2010), and a popular place where people seek buttock implants is Costa Rica as it is a haven for medical tourism. The impact of celebrities like J.Lo and Beyonce has raised demands of a derriere of round, beautiful shape and […]

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