1. Eat slowly and chew very well. 2. Avoid any drink 30 minutes before meals, during the meal and up to an hour after the meal. 3. When eating a meal, first eat proteins (meat, fish, egg), followed by vegetables and last, if desired, carbohydrates. 4. Take alcohol, if you want to, but in moderation, […]

Doctors provide post lap band diet advice, but the recommendations can be different for different people. Below is an example of a diet recommendation after lap band in a major Costa Rican hospital. This is to only give you a good idea of what to expect, but, remember, you must follow the advice given by […]

Hospital Angeles in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico is part of Grupo Angeles, a business group that owns the largest private hospital chain in Mexico. The hospital is a very popular destination forUS patients wanting lap band surgery (adjustable laparoscopic gastric banding). This is a popular type of bariatric (obesity/weight loss) surgery. An investment of more than 84 Million US dollars went into setting […]

Hospital Clinica Biblica is the first hospital in Costa Rica to be accredited by JCI, USA. A JCI accreditation means a hospital has high quality of patient care and also a desire for continuous improvement. Costa Rica, a tourist heaven, boasts a peaceful democracy, very low crime rate, great weather the year round and beautiful panorama of beaches, mountains, […]

Joint Commission international (JCI) is a not-for-profit corporation based in the USA whose mission is to improve the quality and safety of overseas health care services(international hospitals, clinics and surgery centers). JCI is a division of Joint Commission Resources (JCR), the subsidiary of the Joint Commission which is the largest accreditor of health care organizations in the USA. […]

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