Cancer Chemotherapy by Medical Oncologist


In this video, a leading medical oncologist from Turkey talks about his education and specialization in cancer chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

The professor of hematology and oncology talks about his training in various countries including the longest one in University of Dallas, US, for 3 years.

Check out the video of the surgeon from Turkey where he talks about his education and experience.

Video Narration of Medical Oncologist – Turkey

“I graduated from University Ankara in 1971. So it was long time ago. And I have done my residence training in Ankara first then in the United States also, in Dallas, Texas, in internal medicine and medical oncology and haematology. I completed my residence training in internal medicine in ’79 and oncology and haematology training in 1983. Then I returned back to Turkey and assigned as assistant professor of medicine and medical oncology and haematology as well. Then I became associate professor and full professor in 1989, I was full professor.

I have been to United Kingdom for bone marrow transplantation training; Six months in 1989 and then three months later; three months in 1999 also. But these are not the only trainings I had. I have also been to Switzerland … hospital in Brazil for three months. But the longest training was fellowship training in the United States, in Dallas, University of Dallas for three years.

Chemotherapy, immunotherapy and every kind of…….. We do and also support care for cancer patient, team management, nutritional support, everything!
I am medical oncologist, so I do chemotherapy, immunotherapy and I take care of haematology patients as well as …. cancer patients.

Of course, compared to the Balkan countries we are far ahead and also I have been all over Romania, Bulgaria, and other Balkan countries….. And other Russian states like Georgia … We are far ahead of them. We have the technology and knowledge also. I have been to other European countries too including France, Germany and Holland for short periods of time. They are also good but in compared to the prices, we are comparatively cheaper than other European nations. So I have patients from Holland, San Francisco and even from United Kingdom to our units, because the patients feels more comfortable and how can I say……and we have every  technology and …..all the diseases.”

According to the doctor, hospitals in Turkey are technologically ahead of those in Balkan and Russian countries.  In addition, Low cost of treatment is another major factor which takes the hospital a step ahead of those in France, Holland and Germany.

Therefore, high quality services at lower costs attracts patients from different countries like Holland, San Francisco and UK etc. to come to Turkey for cancer chemotherapy treatment.

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