Brian’s Testimonial – Lap Band in Mexico

For people desirous of fighting obesity through weight loss surgeries, but having financial constraints, lap band surgery in Mexico can be a blessing. Besides its cost being significantly lower than in countries such as the US and Canada, undertaking a medical trip for lap band  in Mexico gives a patient the opportunity to explore the Latin American region.  Low costs do not imply compromising with quality, as there are a number of state-of-the-art hospitals in Mexico providing world class services.

Lap Band Before and After

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Brian Finley of Seattle shares his experience of getting a lap band in Mexico.

“[MTC is ]#1, your BBB Rating, and the information you gave about the Hospital and Dr upfront was great. The hotel I stayed in, the Maria Bonita, housed the Federal Army’s group protecting the American Consulate- can’t get much safer than that!

“[Some notes about my experience]:  I was first for surgery that day- so into the operating room I went, the Doctor came in, and we had a nice chat- until he looked at my stomach and asked what I call my “bullet hole”(from Midori- although actually from my feeding tube). He then explained that when people have these things- it stretches the stomach, and that he couldn’t guarantee that he could do what I had done. I told him to do whatever he had to- or cut off my head.

“The idea of having to live in this fat body for the rest of my life seemed unimaginable. This was around 11:00am. I went to sleep, and woke up around 4. He had been able to do it.

“…Someone who isn’t afraid to go outside the US to save 50-60%, as was the case with me- $15,500 up here in Seattle, vs $5500 + $ 517 (in my case). Even with extra airfare- and hotel it was a bargain. But being a cancer survivor- I’m not scared of anything anymore.”

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