Birmingham Hip Resurfacing in India – USA Patient Testimonial

Dr.Jim Allen
Birmingham Hip Resurfacing

Birmingham hip resurfacing - India


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Dr. Jim Allen, an American resident, talks about choosing India for Birmingham hip resurfacing surgery.

“I emailed Wockhardt Hospitals about my problem and within a couple of hours Mr.Thukralhad e mailed back and started the relationship and I decided within an hour after getting his e mail that this is the best hospital for me. He then helped me make all the arrangements with the travel, visa required to come to India , all details, answering all my questions promptly.

I arived here a week ago and spent a day getting my pre operative investigations. Its been very nice, in fact it was like going to a hospital in Minneapolis or New York. The x-rays conveyed that my hip was qualified for the Resurfacing surgery, they did the measurements that were necessary to arange the proper size device implant for me. I don’t remember much of the day of the surgery , I just slept through the day, but I do remember when I entered the surgery suite, … the place was so huge, with all modern facilities, so bright and amazing … I have never before seen in a surgery suite like that.

When I came out of the surgery I was immediately covered with a warm blanket and the painkillers were started and did not experience any pain. I have been doing physical therapy and Dr.Ritu has been very patient with me, though I have done my best to try her patience. She couldn’t have been better leading me to steady progress. She is extremely charming and has a good sense of humor.

The whole experience has been really good. I came here expecting the best and anything I found here has exceeded, and anything I anticipated has gone much better than I ever hoped it to go. It’s been a wonderful experience.”

India has established itself as a leading destination for quality and affordable hip resurfacing and other orthopedic procedures. The country receives thousands of medical tourists from the USA, Canada, the UK and many other First World countries every year.”

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