Bilateral Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Here is the video testimonial of a patient from the United States who chose India for Bilateral Total Knee Replacement Surgery.

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Jenifer Vreeland, a United States resident chose to have total knee replacement surgery (both knees) in India as she did not have medical health insurance in the USA. She summarized her knee surgery experience as follows:

  • Found phenomenal medical service in India.
  • Suggests not to hesitate from coming to India as it is cost-effective, safe.
  • Patient is number one here.
  • Never felt more cared for.
  • Found it cost-effective, safe place for bilateral total knee replacement operation.
  • Came by herself, was nervous, hospital staff took care of every need -computer & phone. Family & friends could call me any time.
  • The whole package deal was incredible.
  • Experinced physiotherapist worked with her two times a day. In 48 hrs after surgery she was on her knees. In 3 days, she was up by herself using walker, and in 5 days she was able to be on her own using a walking cane.
  • Communication with doctors or staff was not a problem, everyone was more than willing to care for.
  • Could not be happier with the results of her bilateral total knee replacement surgery, even if the travel was long, it is well worth the trip.
  • Recommends India highly for knee surgery.

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