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Watch this video in which a couple from North California reviews full mouth restoration in Los Algodones, Mexico. Disclaimer: Results may vary. We do not guarantee any specific outcomes. Video Transcription Dan “Hi, I am Dan Bernard and I am from northern California in the USA.” Pearl “I am Pearl Bernard from northern California in […]


Watch Tom from Florida review dental work at a hi-tech dental clinic in Costa Rica. This is his fourth visit to Costa Rica and he is extremely content with the dental work he received.  Disclaimer: Results may vary. We do not guarantee any outcomes. Video Transcription “My name is Tom and I live in Pompton […]


Definition Advantages Who can Use? Who can Access? e-Money Pool Conclusion If you cannot arrange money for your surgery abroad, try money pooling! This easy method can come in handy when all the other avenues of arranging funds close. Postponing medical treatment just because of lack of funds can cost you your health in the […]


Crowdfunding for weight loss surgery is a worthwhile alternative for individuals lacking funds for their treatment. There are times when all the avenues for arranging finances for bariatric surgery close due to reasons such as: Bad credit score Non-completion of formalities Cumbersome procedure for arranging finances Under such circumstances, the process of treatment of an […]


Watch Marilyn reviewing gastric bypass surgery in Tijuana, Mexico. She came all the way from San Francisco, California for her weight loss surgery trip to TJ. Disclaimer: Results may vary. We do not guarantee specific outcomes. Video Transcription “Hello! My name is Marilyn De Alba and I am coming from San Francisco, California. I came […]


Watch Keri, who came all the way from New Zealand, review gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico. She decided to have her bariatric surgery in Tijuana, a major Mexican border town in proximity of San Diego, California. Disclaimer: Results may vary. We do not guarantee specific outcomes. Video Transcription “Hi, I am Keri Lincoln from Hawkes […]

In this video, a client reviews dental implants in Los Algodones, Mexico. She came along with her husband from Alberta, Canada to our network dental clinic in Mexico. This dental clinic has been delivering quality dental services since 1985 and has built a strong name for itself.   Disclaimer: Results may vary. We do not […]

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