Affordable In-Vitro Treatment in Turkey

Chief of Interntional Services – Anadolu Medical Center in Turkey talks about In-Vitro fertilization and women’s treatment. Anadolu center is affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine, USA since 2002.

Transcript of the Interview with the Chief of Interntional Services – Anadolu Medical Center Turkey

“Anadolu Medical Center has been built with a vision to serve not only Turkey but the neighboring countries as well. So in accordance with this vision our centers of excellence in the fields of oncology, cardiac care, cardiology, and women’s care has been serving as the reference center throughout the past 3 or 4 years.

“Little bit about our affiliation with Johns Hopkins. This affiliation we have signed in 2002 and this enables us to…we have live-in administrators from Hopkins. We have chief of nursing officers from Hopkins. Whenever our physicians would like to exchange information, ask for opinion, do video-conferencing, this loose affiliation is much easier to facilitate these types of networking.

“Our head of IVF unit is I would say….he belongs to he has headed the he was the head of the IVF department for many years in Yale University until we persuaded him to come and work for Anadolu Medical Center. IVF is I Say Professor Aydin Arici is a highly reputed physician through whose name throughout Europe and throughout the world people come for IVF treatment.

“We have patients from England, from Ireland. They come through his reputation basically. And the outcomes in Turkey the success rates…the success is quite high…60% to 70% which I am told by him as well as his other colleagues that this is such a high success rate. Usually we ask the patients, the ladies to stay approximately 16 to 17 days. But her husband can come just 2 days. 2 -3 days is enough.

“Istanbul is also a city that can you know a pleasurable city to spend time in. That’s I think another main advantage besides the price because if you receive let’s say the same professor who will be delivering the IVF treatment to you if you went to Yale University here it would cost I believe around 20 – 25,000 dollars whereas if you come to Anadolu Medical Center with the same professor taking your case and carrying you throughout this process it would be almost one-eighth of what you would pay in United States.

“And as I say because it is not really a treatment, it has a touristic appeal. So the city …the country that you are traveling to I believe if it has a touristic appeal, it is an advantage. Where in Istanbul I always say Istanbul is a once in a lifetime must-see city. So this could be your chance to visit and enjoy Istanbul.

“And we have everything. Like for every season. It’s nice to experience Istanbul in winter, spring, fall and summer and all the time we have some attractions going on. Whether it be a Leonard Cohen concert, whether it’s the time of the daisies, and you know the spring time…in spring there are some other activities going on. It’s a lively city. It’s a 24*7 living city. So for a preventive care, preventive check-up, for IVF treatment those types of…if you are planning on doing these types of trips I think Istanbul could be a very…could be your choice…should be your choice…Could be a good choice. “

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