Aesthetic Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery in Istanbul


In this video, a renowned cosmetic surgeon from Turkey talks about pre and postoperative care provided to the patients coming for aesthetic plastic surgery in Turkey.

The surgeon is a professor in plastic surgery. He has submitted 50 to 55 papers and has published some articles in literature.

Check out the video of the surgeon where he talks about the affiliations of the hospitals along with the facilities provided.

Following is the video narration of plastic surgeon in Turkey

“Mostly from the countries that are neighbours nowadays. They are coming for both aesthetic surgery and post oncologic reconstructive surgery. But we are also hoping that the too far countries also come here.

Well they do come to Turkey, here in this hospital but I am sure …

Here in this hospital…and contemporary techniques we are using and at the same time JCI accreditation accomplished here. We are affiliated with John Hopkins….the care and the post operative care and anaesthesia care is perfect. Also preparing the patients for surgery, before surgery, after surgery and the beginning, from the very beginning. It’s been coordinated by different persons and …

Well I can easily say that and honestly, they can get operated here very easily. It’s not different from US. I can easily say that as far as i know we can do every operation here as in the US or any country in Europe.”

The surgeon in the video ensures the quality of the surgery to be at par with U.S. Almost every operation in the hospital is done in the same way as it is done in U.S and any country of Europe.

In addition to this, cosmetic surgery in Turkey can be availed at an affordable cost. But low cost does not mean the quality is compromised.  Well-trained doctors and use of advanced technology in hospital attracts lot of medical tourists from neighbouring countries to come to Turkey for aesthetic plastic surgery.

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