Cervical Spine Tumor & Multilevel Decompression Reconstruction Surgery in India – Testimonial

Video testimonial of a Paul Opel a cervical spine tumor patient who traveled from the USA to India for a complex Cervical Spine Tumor & Multilevel Decompression Reconstruction Surgery.


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Paul highlights the following in his testimony of cervical surgery in India:

  • Tests before surgery were more thorough than in the USA that discovered spinal Tumor(had a full spine MRI vs only Lumbar MRI in USA).
  • Before surgery chronic problem with back caused where he could not walk for long
  • Spine surgery in USA could not afford due to insurance
  • Now can walk better after the procedurer, surgery may not be needed again
  • Physiotherapy & nurse were great
  • Private club for relax & recuperate after the operation
  • Doctors were superb, well trained, well spoken
  • Food was good, way better that any hospital in usa
  • Beautiful modern clean facility
  • He is glad & belives India is a good choice for getting cervical spine tumor & multilevel decompression Reconstruction surgery.

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