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Knee Replacement in Mexico

If you're thinking of having your knee replacement in Mexico, you might have initially been attracted by the cost implication. Even though there are numerous state of the art hospitals in Mexico, you could save substantially, especially if you compare prices to those in countries such as the UK, USA or Canada.

Healthcare in Mexico has long had a reputation for being safe and affordable and is a particularly attractive option if you can't find sufficient funds to have treatment in your own country. Thus, good facilities and high standards of care make Mexico a popular medical tourist destination.

Knee Replacement in Mexico

Knee Replacement - An Overview

If you're suffering from severe knee pain due to a damaged or worn knee joint, your physician may have advised that you undergo a knee replacement operation. Essentially this means that the weight bearing section of the knee joint is replaced with a prosthetic or artificial joint, thus eliminating the pain suffered during routine movement or rest.

Knee replacements are generally performed on older patients and are associated with conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout or knee deformity. Depending on the severity of the problem, you can elect to have the total joint or half of the joint (partial) replaced

Cost of Knee Replacement in Mexico

  • In Mexico, knee replacement surgery cost is generally much lower than you would expect to pay domestically.
  • Differences in price are due to decreased cost of living when compared with countries such as the UK, USA and Canada. Therefore, even though you would pay less, general overheads are lower and these savings are passed directly on to the patient.
  • Even when you factor in your traveling and accommodation costs, you could still be able to make significant savings when compared to your domestic rates.
  • If you've elected for either partial or total knee replacement in Mexico, remember to factor in recovery time, as this could increase your costs. Recuperation should take between 3-7 days initially, followed by several weeks of physiotherapy.
  • Check the details of your surgery package carefully to determine whether recovery time is included in your quotation price.

Benefits of Knee Joint Replacement in Mexico

  • Although overall costs might be less, this doesn't mean that the standards of medical care in Mexico are lower than you'd expect to find in your own country.
  • Mexico boasts of a number of world class hospitals so whether you're having total or partial knee replacement surgery in Mexico, you can rest assured that the facility you choose will meet your expectations.
  • There are various knee replacement doctors in Mexico who are experienced in knee surgery and have internationally recognized qualifications. Indeed, many Mexican doctors have trained abroad and participate in cutting edge conferences throughout the world.
  • Waiting lists are generally much shorter than you'd expect to find in the USA, UK or Canada which means that you can have your surgery according to your own schedule.
  • Hospital staff is friendly and usually fluent in English so you needn't worry about communication issues. If however, there is any communication gap, language interpreters can help fill that up.

Guadalajara Street

Tips for People Seeking Knee Replacement in Mexico

  • It's important to find out as much as you can about your surgeon and hospital prior to travel. Choose a surgeon who carries out knee replacements on a routine basis - some basic online searches should help with your selection.
  • As with any surgical procedure, there are risks associated with having a knee replacement. Talk to your surgeon prior to the procedure to find out what to expect.
  • Following knee surgery, you may find that movement is difficult and you might therefore need to use walking aids such as walking frames, sticks or crutches for some time.
  • You might find it beneficial to bring along a companion to help you with the post-surgical challenges associated with your daily routine.
  • Ensure that you have all of your documentation in place prior to your trip. This would usually include passports, VISAs and any medical certification.
  • Transport links to Mexico are good, with a number of international airports serving the rest of the world. Additionally, there are various towns including Tijuana and Monterrey, which are only a short drive or flight from the United States and comprise high quality hospitals.
  • Mexico is a culturally diverse country and has tourist activities to suit anyone's tastes. Therefore, if you have the time, you might want to add a vacation to the end of your trip.

Overall, low costs, excellent facilities and short waiting time make choosing to have your knee replacement in Mexico a suitable alternative to booking your procedure in a more affluent country.


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