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Hospital Star Medica - Ciudad, Mexico

Star Medica hospital in Juarez, Mexico is a new state-of-the-art modern hospital. It is part of Grupo Star Medica a private hospital group that was founded in 2002. In a short period of time, the group has grown to eight ultra modern hospitals with a projection to be a twenty hospital group by 2010.

Hospital Star Medica - Juarez, Mexico

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This hospital in Juarez is located about 20 minutes from the El Paso, TX airport & is within driving distance for a large part of the United States. The hospital is a medical tourism boon for residents in south west part of the United states who are looking for affordable medical care overseas in bordering Mexico.

Star Medica Mexico

The hospital is in an upscale area, just 200 meters from where the US Embassy is located. The hospital is all inclusive and self contained for the patient & an accompanying guest.

Medical cost saving of 20~80% of what it would cost in the USA can be realised here. The hospital requires all doctors practicing there to be board certified. Current procedures offered are bariatrics, orthopedics & dental.

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